Summer Cornner #3 (part2)



An Old Woman Of The Road

O’ TO have a little house!
   To own the hearth and stool and all!
The heap’d-up sods upon the fire,
   The pile of turf against the wall!

To have a clock with weights and chains
   And pendulum swinging up and down!
A dresser filled with shining delph,
   Speckled with white and blue and brown!

I could be busy all the day
   Clearing and sweeping hearth and floor;
And fixing on their shelf again
   My white and blue and speckled store!

I could be quiet there at night
   Beside the fire and by myself,
Sure of a bed loth to leave
   The ticking clock and the shining delph!

Och! but I’m weary of mist and dark,
   And roads where there’s never a house or bush,
And tired I am of bog and road
   And the crying wind and the lonesome hush!

And I am praying to God on high,
   And I am praying Him night and day,
For a little house—a house of my own—
   Out of the wind’s and the rain’s way.

                              By Padraic Colum

This is why I love a blog because when I find something really fun and have no one to share it with, it just is not as wonderful. I love free embroidery patterns and Needle Crafter has some wonderful ones. I am especially in love with the cottages.


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Thank you Clarice; it looks like there are a lot of great patterns. I will be going back to spend some more time checking them out.


That house would be lovely to applique too.


That house would be lovely to applique too.


I love the cottages. Thanks. Mom


Oh my goodness Clarice, this is the best embroidery resource ever! Thank you for the link...and guess what? Perfect timing...just this week I bought a light box!

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