Happy Fathers Day
Alfred de Breanski, Jr.

Father's Day Dinner

I thought I would share my recipes of what I cooked for David on Fathers Day. I hade bigger plans but was in a comma after the curriculum sale (which I found something cool and will post on it later) so I simplified my menu. It still has the same Italian feel I wanted but a bit easer. We had
Italian stuffed pork loin
fresh tomato basil salad
sautéed spinach with garlic and pine nuts
roasted garlic bread (from Costco) this is out favorite bread lately
Assorted olives from the olive bar
For dessert balsamic strawberries with zabaglione
I stuffed the pork loin the day before to let all the flavors meld together. If someone has not trimmed and stuffed a pork loin before, I took picture to help walk you through it. Just click on pictures to make them larger. I bought a large pork loin at Costco and cut in into tree loin and froze the other two. So the loin was about 1 1/2 - 2 pounds.
You want to create a flat piece of meat. Take your loin and look at it in thirds. Make your first cut about a third in and a little over half way down.
Then turn that cut side up and make a cut again, a little over half way.
You will probably do this 2 more times, till you have a somewhat flat piece of meat. Do not worry about this being perfect. Mine is not (if you look close). It is uneven and bumpy. But when you roll it up it will be fine and no one will see all that.
This is the filling I made but you could do any filling. I first rubbed the inside with tapenade. If you do not have tapenade just finely chop up some olives in a processor. Then I laid 5 thin slices of prosciutto, then thin slices of fresh mozzarella, then fresh basil leaves. I rolled it starting with the ugly side (the left of the picture). I had Chloe cut 3 lengths of all cotton string and we tided the roll in 3 places and then rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper.
After a day cover in the fridge, I set in foil lined pan. Roasted at 375 about and hour or so. Till internal temp 160. Do not worry about how long, just wach internal temp. Let sit 10 minutes. Then cut off stings and slice
Tomato salad was good tomatoes sliced drizzled with olive oil, salt pepper and torn fresh basil
Sautéed spinach was fresh spinach quickly sautéed over medium-high heat in olive oil and finally chopped garlic till barely wilted. A minute or 2. Then topped with toasted pine nuts.
Balsamic Strawberries
Early in the afternoon I slice strawberries and tossed them with a TBLS or so of balsamic vinegar, 3 TBLS. sugar and a generous dash of marsala wine and let it macerate all afternoon. At first it taste fairly vinegary but then over time it lost that balsamic taste. So before I served it I add a dash more balsamic. It was sweet and balsamicy, but not vinegary. But taste the strawberries before serving and add what is needed.   
I made zabaglione after dinner. Here is a tutorial on making it.
But I will tell you I am lazy and did not whisk it by hand. I use a blender stick on low. The trick is to keep moving it, so it is all frothy. In large wine glass I put the strawberries and pour the warm zabaglione on top. It was incredible !!!
It was all lovely and DH felt pampered. Just like the days before children, when I would spend all day cooking for him.


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What a meal! It's good to know you pamper your hubby so well. ~Jody


Chloe did an awesome job!! And don't worry - I'll always talk to you but what about when you become a world reknown chef? Will I hear from you?


Yes, mom I only used olive oil but you could do what ever sounds yummy.

Debbie I the tomato and mozzarella salad to!!!

Mary I confess that Chloe was the photographer. I think I will have Mike give her lessons !!
(ps. Ladies Mary's DH is a professional photographer and Mary in her won right is an amazing photographer too !! I hope when she is famous she will still talk to me)

Love Clarice


Wow, a "virtual" feast! Sounds wonderful Clarice. So kind of you to show us step by step instructions too!


Thanks for the step by step pics! Who was your photographer? :0)

Love ya, Mary


Clarice, Reading about the wonderful foods you cook makes me hungry! Everything sounds so good, and I just love tomato salads with fresh mozzarella and basil. I bought some greek basil a few weeks ago, which I am growing on my deck with some cherry tomatoes just for that purpose.

OR Tina

Ugh! Make that, scruMptious!!! Even better :-)

OR Tina

What a lovely menu, Clarice. It sounds scruptious! I want to hear all about your curriculum find too...


Your menu sounds amazing!! I'm glad you and your family had a wonderful Father's Day!


Yum. I have a question. Did the salad just have olive oil, no vinegar? Mom

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