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Happy Fathers Day

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Well it is a crazy end of the week, so this is a quick post. Between cooking for Fathers Day (I will post my yummy menu later !!) and the yearly curriculum sale. I am busy, busy. Somehow a holiday does not seam special unless I cook for a couple of days. Well at lest for one day ahead.
I never look forward to buying curriculum but then I always come home with at lest one cool find. I hope! We will see.
I am posting my new wardrobe in my bedroom. We have for over a year had no dresser. I gave my antique one I got as a teenager to my lovely teenager for her new bedroom. So dear hubby was living out of boxes. We looked and looked for a large dresser but to no avail. Either they are a fortune or small. Out of desperation (the day before we were going to IKEA and buying a plain old white one) we stopped at a local antique store. They had several of these wardrobes from the Thirties and Forties (our is from 1932). I fell in love with them and it was hard to choose. Some had wonderful labels inside saying shirts, pants, ties, ect. Some (ours does) have metal rods and hooks, some had wonderful mirrors (ours does), some had little cubbies with glass doors.  We end up with this one because the size was right. We picked an open one so David can build his own cubbies to suit his needs. He will build it, so it can be removed with-out being attached to the wardrobe. I also loved this one because at the top on each corner is a black carved piece with flowers. It actually goes much better in my room (which I am still working on) then I thought. I had to set up a vanity across from it (which I will show another time) to hold all my goodies !!!
PS. I forgot to mention in the Sangria recipe. It is best made a day or two before. It helps the fruit to macerate and give the sangria more flavor !!


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I LOVE that armoire!!!! In the near future, we will be looking for one similar with the inside preferably all open, but if only half open, I'll use the other part for storage. We will use ours in the basement once we finish it and will store fishing gear, so it will look pretty down there, like a masculine (with a feminine touch) club/rec room/den. I think an armoire would be a great piece to "hide" things we don't want to look at all the time! LOL


That's a beautiful wardrobe and the hatboxes look so pretty next to it. I also have an armoire in my bedroom with hatboxes for storage, on top!
I'm just catching up on some blog reading today ~ you have certainly been busy!


New to your blog...what a terrific find!! NOTHING today has that kind of class!!!

Mrs. Staggs

What a nice find this is. I like old things much better than new usually. This will be a lovely heirloom piece for your children one day too.


What a gorgeous wardrobe! I have a tall mirrored dresser from that same time period, and they would look like a set together - are they twins, seperated at birth?


P.S. Is that a John Waterhouse print I see hanging on the wall beside your wardrobe? If it is, I just adore him!
Love your cute hatboxes also....the colours are so much fun!


You did it again! What a treasure you found! Your wardrobe is large, ornate, and has a lovely finish with interesting grains in the wood. I was trying to guess the type of wood and think that maybe it is
redwood & bird’s-eye maple wood veneer...we have a dresser with bird's eye maple that makes me think of your piece.
Happy Organizing!
Can't wait to see the 'after' shot of your newly organized bedroom (it's such an ongoing project, don't you think?)
Oh, I was going to say that Jennifer (My dd) wants a bookshelf unit to put in her bedroom for all her wonderful books. (birthday).
We talked about going to Ikea, but just this morning (before reading your post) I suggested we check out Antique shops first as antique furniture has such character. I'll let you know if we have success...otherwise it will have to be Plan B...Ikea (which I also love)


Love the wardrobe and the detail on the corners. Reminds me of Narnia.....are there any fur coats way in the back?





The wardrobe is gorgeous!! I love the wood grain and color. What wood is it?

The character of an older piece usually makes it much better in my opinion!

Great selection,

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