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This weekend we celebrated my sister birthday and my mother's Mother Day. Here is my mother. Isn't she beautiful. She has the most wonderful skin. We had a fun afternoon munching yummy food, watching Narnia (which I enjoyed but love the book more) and made we made vintage plaques.

You will need a vintage postcard. If you do not have a post card here is as site with some free cards. Or you can use a real post card. I printed up ones that were 3.5 x 5 inches on card stock. Make sure you use heavier paper. Get cut wood squares at a craft store. Or have dear hubby cut you piece of wood the same size as your card, as I did. Thank you dear hubby.


Find some pretty paper for the back and decoupage glue. I suggest you do the back first. You will also need some narrow ribbon to make a hanger for the plaque. Coat the back of the wood with the glue, add each end of ribbon and set down down paper on ribbon and glue.
Then do the same on the other side, with out the ribion. We did not do a top coat of decoupage. I had an assortment of glitter, buttons, beads, trim, ect. that we glued to the picture. For that we used a glue gun and elmers glue.
Let sit and dry for an hour. We then glittered the sides. But you can glitter the back or do more decoupage. The sky is the limit!!


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Clarice, I love seeing the projects you've been doing. These came out beautiful! Great idea.



Your mother is beautiful, you're so lucky to have her! Love those postcard plaques too, we're going to try and make a few. Thanks for the great link.


Clarice, you are forever doing wonderful projects!!! I love how you cultivate all the relationships in your life! I'm blessed to have "met" you! You amaze me!


Pleased to meet you, Linda!
So nice that you and your girls can spend such lovely times together!
Clarice, I love all the plaques! Did you find the cards at the site you posted? I was trying to locate the lovely lady plaque but couldn't find it. I also loved the lily of the valley plaque, and the cottage! Can you help me locate them?
You are a genius!


What lovely mother and daughter time you had. In the uk mothers days has already been and gone, in march I think.


Clarice this is such a fantastic project!! And it will be perfect for my children to do to send to Grandma. Thanks!


Oh! I'm so happy to see Mom, and now I can think of her everytime I read her posts. Yes, she's a beautiful lady and I'll bet those cheeks are soft and sweet to kiss.

I think your vintage card/plaques are adorable. I have the English Cottage plaque you made me hanging in my kitchen. Thanks for the instructions.


Once again Clarice, we are so kindred in our thinking about things! I made something similar to these as party decorations one time, only using a stiff cardboard backing and edged them with crepe paper ruffles which gave them an old fashioned party feeling. I like your addition of buttons.


Yes I agree your Mom is beautiful! I hope you all had a special day,and those cards are just lovely!


That was so much fun and I love the one I made, the little girl looking in the mirror. Mom

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