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Well yesterday was wonderful day. I got the most yummiest mail from dear sweet Joanne. Now mind you I have never meet Joanne in person. We have exchanged lots of letter, small tokens of friendship, pictures. But we have never meet face to face. Yet I feel she is such a dear friend. Anyone who says the Internet is a large world, does not know my Internet. Dear Joanne did not need to send me anything but just did it just as a generous friend to bless me. Well I do feel blessed. Who could not with all these wonderful things. So beautifully wrapped, my dear. I LOVE the linens, reading the old magazine (I want to frame a few pages), the wonderful book with the vintage pictures. I am determined to figure out how to make one of those butterflies (did you make it??). It was all such a blessing but mostly you are blessing to me. Thank you for teaching me how to bless others.


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I encourage everyone to think of someone who may be having a bad time or you d not know well. Bless them. A note, something homemade, a prayer, a small token of friendship. I promise you will get more out of it then they will. xoxoxox Clarice





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What a wonderful challenge to us all! You always bless me!


Dear Clarice,

I have enjoyed your blog!

You are blessed to have Joanne as a friend--she is one of the sweetest friends on earth.

And we are blessed by you and your many gifts you share here and in many other ways. Thands for sharing with us! And thanks for being such a good friend, too.



How wonderful to be blessed with such a good friend. And what fun to receive a package of beautiful things in the mail. There's nothing like a package or letter to brighten one's day!


Oh Clarice!
I am so glad that you enjoyed it, and you are so welcome!
It was my pleasure, friend!
Love and friendship,


What a wonderful surprise treat, Clarice! I feel just as you do about dear web friends like YOU, Joanne, Jody and others. Enjoy your lovely blessing! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

PS - Did you see what you made me do (blog)??? :-)


What a blessing! I know Joanne as you do (via email and internet), and I must say, she is a very thoughtful friend to me as well.

Clarice has been known to send a "just because I love you" gift to me a time or two. It's a good idea! Spread sunshine!


I get so much pleasure from all the things I have sent or received through blogging,either as swaps or not.I have decided to take this into my none blogging friends with 'just because' presents.I will post about it on friday hopefully!

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