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Scarf Bags


I do not know who has seen Martha Stewarts new magazine Blueprint ? I have not seen it. So I do not have an opinion, yet !!! But I was at Martha's site this morning looking around and went to check out Blueprint. There are some fun, cheap, easy idea. May favorite was these scarf bags. There is not sewing or gluing. Nothing just tying. My favorite is the one with the bangle handle. I am pulling out my scarves right now !!!



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Lesley Austin

Dear Clarice,

Several graphic design/stationery girls mentioned Blueprint and intrigued me enough to pick it up when I saw it at the grocery. Well........I love the font they use throughout the magazine and the clean layouts. But in the main, I found it too anxious to instruct us in what is "just so", and it was so often an expensive "just so"....Real Simple (funnily enough, with its name!) gives me the same feeling. My favorite magazine continues to be the British edition of Country Living! What is yours?


I to was thinking of using fabric or a bandana !! Debbie what did you think of blueprint ?? Clarice


I picked up Blueprint magazine last week. I didn't even realize that Martha was coming out with something new. The scarf bags are so cute and I thought the one that tied onto jeans was clever. And if you don't have scarves to use, they also suggest using fabric remnants.


What pretty and fitting images Clarice. The scarf bag is very clever, but I don't wear scarves....I'm trying to think of other interesting things I could use. Do you have any ideas?


The scarf bags are adorable! Oh Clarice, I've always got to have a project going now with you suggesting so many fun ideas! But I'm not making the lamkin, tho I think he's adorable.

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