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Rhubarb Rose Fool

Let me say a couple of things about my recipes. Since my vagueness has driven a few friends crazy !!! Unless it is important to the structure of a recipe I wing it. I do not measure. I let my eyes, my nose, and my taste buds tell me what to do. That is why a lot of my recipes will say things like a bit of that or almost or about. What is not salty enough to me is too much for you. I can not taste thing like you taste them and recipes can always be fudged. Something should only taste good to you.
Also in a recipe like this the ratio of rhubarb sauce to whip cream can be fudged. If you have a bit more or less of one thing it is of no matter. Especially with this recipe taste, taste, taste. You will probably need more sugar but I do not want to tell you to use more. You can always add something but it is hard to take it out. Let me say the rhubarb and rose together is heavenly !! And you could add fresh strawberries to this !!!
Rhubarb Rose Fool
Make stewed Rhubarb.
Slice about 2 cups Rhubarb. In sauce pan add 1 cup water,  1 cup sugar and rhubarb. Simmer about 10 minutes till soft and tender. If rhubarb appears stringy run though a processor.
Then whip 2 cup of heavy cream and 3/4 cup of sugar. Then add rose water. Start with a TBL. spoon and keep adding till desired flavor. Then fold in rhubarb.
Put in a pretty glass, add a lovely flower, chill a couple of hours and serve. It is wonderful with the Earl Gray cookies.


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Glamour Mom

This looks so light and yummy! I love trying recipes that are new to me and this one looks like one I really want to try :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.


Wow, I've never heard of this. Sounds interesting!


I would love to eat at your home because you have the most unique dishes that a haggard mother like me wouldn't even think about making, or even know half of the ingredients for that matter! Rose water! For cooking! That's terrific!!! I did know what rhubarb was as I do love that! Thanks for the unique-to-me recipe! Such a beautiful presentation too :)


This sounds so yummy and also looks great! I'll have to save this recipe for a "girls day"! In our family it's a pinch of this or a scatter of that, so I know how to "wing" a recipe.
If you get a chance stop over my kitchen for a few cookies and some chat.

karla nathan

Oh, I definately understand winging it. I can't follow a recipe to the letter for anything.


Now if we were neighbors, I would be sure to come over and try some of this--it looks luscious! I would make some, but maybe I should wait til I find some roseflower water. I am checking the health food store this week for lavender oil and will look for the rose water as well.
Thanks for the recipe,


Well Clarice,I just have to make this! it looks amazing and I love rhubarb,will have to see where I can get that rose water here in the UK,what a lovely summer treat!


We LOVE rhubarb here, but it's just now coming up and beginning to leaf out. This sounds delish!


Oh so pretty!
Clarice, you certainly have the touch! Your dish looks so elegant and delicious!
I'll have to try it when the rhubarb is ready here.
Did you find that lovely rosewater bottle at your favourite place,
Trader Joes?


How pretty this is Clarice, I bet it smells nice too. Perfect for springtime. I've never used rose water but I am going to look for it at the store today. I know of one nearby that carries it. I hope they have it in that same lovely bottle as yours!


I saw a recipe for Plum Fool somewhere recently. I guess you could use any fruit. Mom


I just love rhubarb!Thanks for stopping by my site I really like yours!


Your blog is simply wonderful...BEAUTIFUL!!I've only viewed a small portion and already I am in love with it!! I have to say I started to skip over this blog, since I have no small children, and figured we would not have anything in common...But I am glad I took a peek!!! I have saved it in my favorites folder and also placed a shortcut on my desktop, but I couldn't subscribe. I'm fairly new to the blog thing...LOL
Do you have to have a blog on to be able to use other features except comments? Is there a free blog available on typepad? I couldn't find it if so...

Blessings to you and yours!


That's neat how you are able to "wing it" while cooking or baking---I am totally incapable of "winging it!" Honestly, I've been married for 26 years and I *still* have to follow a recipe for the same things that I've been making all these years!!

It looks delicious, Clarice...and can't wait till our rhubarb is ready to be picked.


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