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Paris Bedroom


My mother has a beautiful home so I thought now and then I would post a corner of her home. This is her bedroom. A couple of months ago she was feeling blah about her bedroom. It had been the same for a couple of years and it needed a change. She has sooo many amazing things I helped her to shop at home. We picked a Paris them. But did not want it too pink and girly, because that was how her room was before.

We put up things with tape and thumb tacks thinking she might not like it when we were done. But she loves it and she just keep it the way it was. You would never noticed.
We changed out her linens to red, black and white. See the beautiful black and white blanket she crocheted. I tacked this fabric above her bed just to see how it looked in the room and we loved and keep it. We took everything she had around her house that had a French feel piled it on her bed and starting adding things slowly till it look right but not too crowed. I LOVE her room. I am my have to steel her stuff one day. xoxox
I wanted to add there is is new blog Kidddler. "Kiddley is published almost daily and is brimming with bright ideas, fun projects, links to great web finds and quick tips for parents to take away and enjoy with their kids."
It has some fun and intersing ideas. Enjoy.


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It looks very French, Clarice--great job! I especially like the pictures you grouped on the wall.


Tres Chic!
Love anything with a French Flair!


Pretty room. I like that it's definately feminine, but not too "fluffy.* You girls did a fine job of it!



Oh, it looked like the Eiffel Tower to me. LOL Still think it's cute! :D


Do you you mean the wire tower in the middle pic? That is something my mother gave me. But she loved so I gave it to her. It is suppose to be a frame the you use for topiaries !! I collect French wire items. Which is why she bought it for me. Clarice


Oh Clarice, I love the Paris Bedroom! Where did you find the mini Eiffel Tower? Cute!


Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks great. We didn't get the Paris map, but that's ok. Mom

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