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Well we did not celebrate May Day till Wednesday. Chloe is in a little play group that meet every week. We went to Angie's lovely farm and had a beautiful May Day. We wanted the children to dress up nice for it. But they said how can we run and climb and play if we are dressed up. So sigh, we had a May pole dance in jeans.   Img_4533
But it was fun and lovely. There were yummy cup-cakes with fresh lilacs and the children went home with paper and ribbon to make their own May baskets. One lady made a wonderful baked banana pecan French toast for us ladies. And another made wonton cups with vanilla yogurt and strawberries. I brought the maple sausages. It was a perfect sunny day, which is rare here. Another wonderful May Day to remember.
Img_0327 Img_4549Img_0329


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Dear Clarice,

This looks like such fun! The cupcakes look so good! I love the pretty flowers in the salt and pepper shakers. Love, Paula

Susan in Texas

Dear Clarice,

Thanks for sharing your May Day; it is the one day that I miss not being in Germany -- May Day is still an important holiday there and the whole town comes out to see the Maypole being put up by the young men of the village.



It looks like it was certainly a fun day! The cupcakes look delicious!


Beautiful Photos Clarice! It looks like fun was had by all! How adorable to use those little salt and pepper shakers as floral adorable arrangment!
So glad you shared!


It sounds like a fun day with great food--what a wonderful May Day!


The kids looked like they were having a lot of fun. I see Auberne got in on it too. Mom


This sounds like it was a lovely springtime celebration. Charming photo of the children with the Maypole. Those cupcakes look beautiful!

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