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I am sure all my dear readers adore Mary France's books by Jane Eayre Fryer. But if (shockingly enough) you have not heard of the Mary Frances books, you much investigate them. We have the knitting/crocheting book, the cookbook, the housekeeping book and the sewing book. I have found these books engaging and helpful in teaching my girls and I new skills. We just got the cookbook this Christmas and I am going through it with Chloe. I love how she creates this fairy world and it is so amusing you do not quite know you are learning. I was lucky enough to find the Mary Frances Cookbookon-line. I love this. Then you can really look at a book. Read it and see if it something you would actually like to purchase. Don't you just love the internet! Here is some information about Jane Eayre Fryer.
Enjoy !!!

Jane Eayre Fryer, daughter of Isabella Van de Veer and Mortimer Haines Eayre, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1876. After graduating from Northfield Seminary, Massachusetts in 1896, where she specialized in domestic art and science, she taught Latin and English at the Mt. Holly Military Academy in New Jersey (1897-98) and supervised the domestic art and science program at the Jacob Tome Institute in Port Deposit, Maryland (1899 - 1902). In January of 1902 she married John Gayton Fryer of Providence, Rhode Island.

Ten years later, in 1912, she published the first in a series of juvenile books designed to teach young girls fundamental domestic skills. Entitled The Mary Frances Cook Book. Adventures Among the Kitchen People, the simple cook book is couched in a whimsical narrative about young Mary Frances' attempts to please the grown-ups as well as the "kitchen people," animated culinary tools who help her follow the basic recipes her mother wrote down for her. "Some very wise people will call this a story book," the author writes in the beginning, " some a manual training book, and others a cookery book, but Mary Frances knows better; she knows that it is a Book within a Book that introduced her to Aunty Rolling Pin and a lot of other dear, dear friends . . ." The inspired illustrations by Margaret Hays and Jane Allen Boyer are entertaining for readers of all ages. Other books in the series include The Mary Frances Sewing Book (1913); The Mary Frances Housekeeper (1914); The Mary Frances Garden Book (1915); The Mary Frances First Aid Book (1916); and The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book (1918). Fryer's other books include Young American Civic Readers (1918-1919); The Mary Frances Story Book (1921); Mrs. Fryer's Loose Leaf Cook Book (1923) and The Bible Story Book for Boys and Girls (1924). Fryer made her home in Merchantville, N.J.



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I know I've heard of these, Clarice, but never actually seen one. They look wonderful; I wish I'd know about them when my daughter was younger!

Gina L

Those books look most enjoyable, but sadly I don't think I have heard of her.
The name does look familiar. I guess an investigation is in order.


Oh dear Clarice,
I am afraid that I will have to shock you!
I am so glad that you are doing this blog, because I am an eager and attentive student and am learning so much. I had not heard of her books but will be on the lookout now! They are expensive though!
Such a lovely book!
Thanks for sharing!


Well Jody, Chloe is much more into the books then Aubern'e. I do think Aubern'e would rather play with her B B gun too. Although she thinks she will not like something because it is too girly but then finds herself getting into it. I am sure your DD being surrounded by all those boys, did not help ;- )

xoxoxo Clarice


I've seen the Mary Francis books, but my darling daughter was more interested in shooting her BB gun than sewing. I did teach her my trade anyway.


Hello, I am visitng you from Daily Parcel's...And what a delightful visit it is!!


I have the Mary Francis Sewing Book...I display it with some of my old sewing things sometimes. I love the illustrations in these books!


So absolutely adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

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