Sorry-Lavender Water
Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls


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Here is a scotty dog that may even make me change my mind about there being too many scotty dogs! And as scotty dogs ( well at least scotty dog appliques) were once the bane of my working life, thats saying a lot! Too cute for words...


That's because they have the most interesting and creative mother around. I love the stuffies. I want to make them now. Mom


Thank you Ladies, The girls are loving the positive feed back. I think it is inspiring.
Yes Kristin, I do think they most interesting and creative children !! Clarice


well that's the first time I've seen a punk rocker lamb before!!


Adorable! And so creative!



Oh my gosh--I was just thinking to myself how clever Aubern'e is with the name of the band (love 'The Bleats'!) when I read further to find Chloe's summer/winter looks for the Scottie. Do you have the most interesting children around or what? :)


Oh how cute! I especially like the scottie dog. :)


Your girls did an amazing job! This is something I want to do with Jilliana sometime soon.
Thanks for sharing!

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