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I have been so inspired by Vicki at- Turkeyfeathers. She has stared a flicker group Lambkin Stuffies.  I decided I had to make one and it was so much fun. I took an old wool blanket and used that for the body. Did some embroidery. I did not have a pattern but just winged it. I added some lace and a flower around the neck. The flower is so interesting. It is made of rick-rack and is an old screw-on earring. I want to get some rick-rack and try making some of these flowers. I know Martha has an article about this. I will have to dig through my mags. Too fun. Here is the free (thank you Vicki) pattern to make your own lambkin. Make sure you check out the flicker group and see what other lambkins people made. They are all different. It is amazing to see how each person interrupts something. 



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Yours is just so sweet, I didn't know there was a flikr set up. I love the embroidery.


Clarice you are so clever! I love it and I may try and make one,I clicked on the link to Vickis site and it is amazing!I guess you could make these out of many things,I have a nice old pink chenille bed cover that I was going to back cushions with,I might try it with that.Inspirational!




Oh Clarice, it is so cute! You did a great job, and what a perfect way to reuse an old blanket.


It turned out really cute. It didn't take you very long either. Mom


This is so adorable! You did a very good job, Clarice!


You are so clever and so creative, Clarice! How adorable! I just love it! The embroidery is so exquisite! Well-done!


Goodness Clarice, this is one of the sweetest lambkins I've seen so far! The addition of the embroidery is so pretty and I love the rick rack flower. I have that Martha issue too. I forgot about the rick rack flowers I'll have to try and find it too. Wow, great job!

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