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Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to wish my mother and mother-in-love a Happy Mother's Day. I am very blessed to have two wonderful women in my life. First my mother, who was a stay at home mother. She taught my sister and I that being a mother and being able to stay home with your children is a joy and privilege. Even though I am sure she had trying days, we never felt that. No matter what was happening in our life we knew we had unconditional love. My mother has taught me to be steady in my walk with the Lord. To bend but not break.
My Mother-in-love has always be kind and accepting of me from the moment I meet her, even though we are much different. She never made me feel I needed to change or that I was not enough for her son. She has never asked me to bow to her way and has encouraged me that I am fine just as who I am. She has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders in homeschooling our girls. She has always made sure every time we talk to let me know what wonderful parents David and I are. Also how proud she is of us. I am happy to say we are very close friends not just daughter in law/mother in law.
I have to say that my mother and my MIL are very much alike. They are both very accepting and do not push their thoughts on you. They both will listen, until asked their opinion. Mostly they have a way of believing that even though you are struggling, you will conquer. You will succeed and do it brilliantly.
Thank you for the love and support xoxox Clarice (and David too) and the girls !!!
And to all my readers I hope this is a day filled with love, gratitude and relaxation. Ohh and chocolate too.


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this was a lovely tribute of gratitude written straight from your heart Clarice. thank you

Marge Thatcher

Hi Clarice, Just read your wonderful Mother's day message. I miss my wonderful mom, Crissy. I had a nice time with Steve& Cassie, Tony & , Aubery, Debbie & Roy.
Love, "Aunti" Marge


Certainly your mother and mother in law are also blessed by your love and appreciation. What a lovely card!


Because my mom worked I wanted to stay home and create the home that I missed as a child. I loved being home and the relationship I have with you and your sister now makes it all worth any grey hairs I got along the way. :-) I'm sure your MIL agrees with me that you bring so much sunshine into our lives how could we not love you just the way you are. You've been a wonderful demonstration of living a life and loving it. Love you, Mom


Happy Mother's Day Clarice! Thank you for sharing about the two beautiful mothers in your life. YOU are so blessed. (And they are too....with you) ~Jody


Sniff, double sniff!
Oh Clarice, what a beautiful testament of the special Moms in your life!
They should be so pleased and honoured to read what you have shared! Indeed, you have learned from them and are passing on that same wonderful quality of love, acceptance, kindness and encouragement!
I am so proud to call you my 'long-distance friend'!
Blessed Mother's Day!


I forgot to mention, I picked this card partly because it reminds me of my house. My house is not quite this cute, but similar style.

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