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Happy Mother's Day

Cross of the lilies

Well I had my Mothers Days on Friday. It was lovely lazy day. Breakfast in bed, read mags in bed and I did not have to clean or cook. I had champagne, a assortment of good cheese, some bread and lots of chocolate. I am happy. David got me the most beautiful cross. I do not have a cross and have been wanting one for a long time. But had not seen any I like. There is a new Christian magazine out called Lily and they had an article about a company Trinity Collection that make the most beautiful crosses. 
I saw this cross with three lilies wrapped in a ribbon and fell in love. It say the "three long stemmed lilies are gathered by ribbon to form this cross. Scripture tells us lilies are a symbol of purity and represent a lack of earthly concern"  I just love this and fall so short of this. I am hoping as I wear this cross I am reminded of what is really important and all that Christ did for me.


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Dear Clarice,

That was so sweet of David to give you that beautiful cross and I just love what you said, yes I need to remember what is really important and all Christ did for me.

Love, Paula


It sounds like you had a wonderful day. What a beautiful cross!


Oh Clarice,
I just wanted to tell you that thanks to your lovely post on lilies, my dh bought me a tea cup for Mother's Day with lilies of the valley on it to encourage me not to worry but to cast my cares on Him (and also because my birthday flower is lily of the valley)
See how you inspire?
I will always think of the meaning of lilies when I use this tea cup!


What a lovely gift! I've never seen a cross like it. ~Jody


What a lovely Mother's Day indeed!
And what a treasured gift from your beloved!
I love what you shared Clarice...a great reminder for all of us!
Joanne, who thinks you are doing such a wonderful job of your photography and graphics!
So lovely!

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