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See my wonderful treasures I got this weekend. You know that secret place were you get your finds and you do not want anyone to know about. That is the Christmas House for me and I am sharing it with all of you my dear friends (plus most of you do not live here ; -)
The Christmas House has been going for over 20 years. I have been going for 13 years. Carolee and Bob spend their vacations tripping around the world going to garage sales and looking for cheap vintage treasures. Then a couple of times a year they open up their lovely old home for sales. Isn't that a wonderful way to spend your retirement. There is always some wonderful deal to be had. Also Carolee is an amazing crafter and Bob a builder. Always so much to motivate one to play. "There is much scope for the imagination" as Anne would say. I tease Carolee that my house is decorated in Christmas House theme. There are many wonderful things in my home from the Christmas House. It will be a sad day when Carolle and Bob decide to stop. We  hope it will not be for a long time. Right now Chloe and I are "sharing" the pink stove and I am trying to decide what to put in my rose album. I collect french wire items and was thrilled to get this flower holder and I just love this little bird cup. I think I know who will be blessed by this cup !!!!!


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Leigh Ann

A pink stove! I didn't know they made those. ;)


I LOVE the pink stove! I used to have one (well, it belonged to my older sisters)! Push those buttons in for me, please. I could spend hours just pushing those buttons when I was but a wee little thing. Once upon a time...


What lovely little treasures you've found...thanks for sharing them with us!


What wonderful treasures! I have never seen a little stove like that in pink--how lucky. Thanks for sharing your finds.


Oh Clarice,
Thank you for sharing and giving us a peek. Now that is my kind of shopping! I went shopping yesterday at my favourite(hush) thrift store and picked up a goodie for you and Jody...will mail soon!
Love thrift/vintage bargains!
One day I can see my dh and myself doing just what your friends do...we'll jetset to France(Corey) and England(Ann, Jane, Gena and others) and find lots of treasures!
Such fun!


Jody, It is a photo album. There are not photos in it. But the side spine is missing. I want to get some wide deep pink velvet ribbon to glue and cover the side. I will age it and hopefully it will look like it was always part of the book. I am just in love with the roses. I am right now into pink and big roses !!!
Love Clarice


Oh Clarice! What neat treasurers! I enjoyed the tour of "Christmas House" too. Is the rose album actually a picture book or a novel or what? It's a beauty. ~Jody


I love these lovely and charming things of yours. I just bought an old stove this year too...one of the little cast iron ones. The Christmas House looks like a wonderland of treasures...lucky you!


Oh my word!treasures indeed,that little pink stove is the bees knees! the Christmas house looks fantastic! lucky you!


Your pictures turned out great. Mom

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