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Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls


I have been looking into other books by Sarah Orne Jewett. I have read about half of the Country Of Pointed Firs. I found she was quite a prolific writer. Here is a list of poems, essays, children's books, novels by Ms. Jewett. I found this children's book Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls.

I have not read it but looked it over. I found this passage charming. Maybe because I have a 15 year old dear daughter who feels just like this.
"Betty had seen strange countries since her last visit to Tideshead. Then she was only a child, but now she was so tall that strangers treated her as if she were already a young lady. At fifteen one does not always know just where to find one's self. A year before it was hard to leave childish things alone, but there soon came a time when they seemed to have left Betty, while one by one the graver interests of life were pushing themselves forward. It was reasonable enough that she should be taking care of herself; and, as we have seen, she knew how better than most girls of her age."
There is also a Christmas book Betty Leicester's Christmas
If you have a Sarah Orne Jewett recommendations, I would love to hear about them.


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I seem to recognize the author's name, but I don't think I've read any of her books. They do look charming. ~Jody

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