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A view from my bedroom


Here is a view from my bedroom window early in the evening. We live next to a little inlet that is off of Liberty Bay. Downtown Poulsbo is on Liberty Bay. It is lovely were I live there is water everywhere. It feels like living on an island. We do live near Bainbridge Island and I lived on Bainbridge for 9 years and LOVED it. Any time I need to go anywhere I have to drive around Liberty Bay. On those rare days it is sunny the water is so blue.
Our inlet does have a tide, so half the time it is mud flat. But then you can see the seagulls and blue herons. We like to walk over to the bridge and check out what is going on. Sometimes there are otters. If we walk another block there is a small marina. We will go down there, get an ice cream, go sit on the pier and enjoy the peace and quiet. There is just something about the water.
If you look at the picture above, you will see a line of trees and water. That is the Sound. The mountain range behind it is Bainbridge Island. On the Fourth of July we can see the fireworks from Seattle over the top of that range. I love the smell of the water, the sound of the birds, all the empty clam shells left in my yard, the sandy soil, the peace of the water. This is a small part of my small world.


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Clarice, what a beautiful view you have...I just love the water!


Clairice what a gorgeous view and so goood to hear and see more of your part of the world. And like Joann I'd love to see a pic of your cottage too.

Miss Eagle

Thank you for these wonderful photographs. I have never travelled to the States but the place that is top of my list to visit is the Pacific north-west. Years and years ago, I read The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald about life on Puget Sound. So anything about Seattle, I take notice of. So more pictures please. And I would like to know about the rain. How wet is it really? All the time? A lot of downpours in a certain period or a short period? How does it affect your lifestyle?


Oh so much fun Clarice! I loved having a peek in your neck of the woods!
You framed your pictures so well!
Now I need to see a pic of your adorable cottage!


Clarice, how lucky you are! It looks very beautiful. I love being by the water too; a home right on the lake is my dream.


So pretty, Clarice! Very much like I pictured it in my mind's eye too. Such a beautiful area. I'm really enjoying your blog.


Such lovely pictures!! Have been visiting your blog for awhile now, have been enjoying it alot!! Blessings to you!


Jody, I do not want to misled you. There is just a little mini-mart there that sells ice cream bars. But if they have coffee/chocolate/almond bars, I get those !! Basically anything chocolate for me!!


I'm thinking that, if I ever get a vacation, we might get to meet in person. (I didn't know where you were, just that you were in WA.) My dream is to be able to go to Port Townsend for as much of every August as possible. (On our budget, it'll probably never happen. But it's a nice idea.)


It's so beautiful and peaceful-looking. I'd love to walk to the pier with you sometime, and what kind of ice cream would you encourage me to try, Clarice?


The pictures look great. Yes, I love being near the water and the trees.

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