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10 All American Aprons


I LOVE aprons. I have several and want more. I would like to make a few and am always looking for pattern. Well thanks to Teresa, I found Ten All American Aprons!!!

It is an old booklet with apron patterns to make. They are wonderful. Can you tell I am really excited. I love these cool vintage finds. Thank you Teresa, you are the best. Go the the link and that is the cover. Below is a link to each page. I love them all but I think the gingham girl is my fav. Enjoy and sew !!!! 


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amy k.

wow-wow!! this is so cool!!!


Thanks for the link Clarice, I've been wanting to make some aprons!


lucky you how brilliant. I love aprons too, the friller the better!


lucky you how brilliant. I love aprons too, the friller the better!

Lora K.

I just loved this! Thanks for all of your encouragement. I'm eagerly awaiting the completion of my overall apron. I'll let you know when I've posted the pictures.


Well first I love the term pinny, much more then apron. And I agree we need to start a campaign bring back aprons !!!!!!!

xoxox Clairce


I'm all about that campaign!

I bought my daughter the cutest vintage apron for Christmas and I've been trying to get her to wear it over her jeans. She likes it, but has never gotten around to doing it.

I am going to show her this. Thanks for posting it!


Oh how fabulous! I love aprons or "pinnys" as we more often call them,they are so pratical too! I vote we start a campaign " bring back aprons"! and the jauntier the better!


opps, I meant gingham.


Those were fun to look at. I think the gimham girl is my favorite too. Mom

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