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A Bird Theme

Wonderful Paper Idea

I am always looking for ideas to freshen up my decorating with out spending much. I am sad to say I have champagne taste on a water budget !!
Ever since I was a little girl I always zoomed in on the one most expensive thing in the shop. Well I keep telling myself this is a good thing because it helps me to think out of the box. At Christmas time I started lining the back of my china cabinet with wrapping paper to help set the theme of the year (Yes I have a different theme every year. You would think I have too much spare time on my hands). So after one Christmas I started to think what could I line the cabinet with and came up with this brilliant idea. I took scrapbook paper and taped four sheets together. Then taped four rows across the back of the cabinet. I only taped them to the top because my shelves (which come out) hold down the paper. Then I can change out the paper with my whims. As you can see this month we have a bird theme. I am thinking of getting several different papers and doing a quilt look.


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Hi Clarice,

This is beautiful! Very British looking! Edith Holden would love it! I would like to do more British and nature decorating in our cottage. You are so creative. Why are we not neighbors?

Love, Paula


So pretty and fresh!!!


The paper looks beautiful on your cabinet. I have a corner cabinet in my dining room where I would like to try that. I have found lately, that trying to be thrifty has caused me to be a lot more creative, and can be more satisfying! Thanks for the great ideas.

Sharon Larkin1

How pretty your cabinet looks Clarice! Like you, I also have to "think out of the box" LOL I am thinking of doing something like this on the backs of my kitchen cabinets now that I have taken off the doors!


I love your bird theme, Clarice! Very pretty!


This is beautiful! What a great idea! I've never seen this before. How creative!


The pictures turned out good. Mom


Oh Clarice, I love your display! I too have to "think out of the box". I think that makes things a lot more fun and interesting at times. I actually bought an extra roll of my Christmas wrapping paper with thoughts of doing this same thing for one of my cubboards at Christmas. It is a red and white toile pattern. Yours is very pretty and so spring like...I'm so glad you've started blogging, you have great ideas to share!


Nice theme you've got going! We are noticing lots of birds returning "home" to us. It's always an exciting time. The color pages are terrific. Thanks for sharing them.

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