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I got yummy mail this weekend. Angie and I order from Small Meadow Presscame. I can not find words enough to express how much I love Small Meadow Press and Lesley. Who I really do not know but can just tell we are kindred spirits !!! If you have not looked at her site please do. Also she has added some wonderful new things. I got her "token of my esteem", as you can see in the picture and love them. I am looking forward to tucking in little "Esteem Tokens" in notes for those that I love !!!!!


Lesley has wonderful  stationary, cards, garlands, notebooks, ect.
She also has a lovely newsletter called the Bower.


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I love your site, and wanted to tell you that Lesley, of Small Meadow Press, now has a blog! Enjoy.

Mrs. Staggs

Small Meadow Press is wonderful. I enjoyed reading the Bower too. I think I first read about it in Victoria magazine. I wish I had been smart like you and saved all my issues. I was ruthless one time and trying to eliminate and simplify....


I loved Small Meadow Press! I ordered 3 prints with quotations...so beautiful and so inexpensive!! Thanks for the tip!

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