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Well I have a confession to make, although all who know me know this. I hate cleaning! Mostly because I feel like I work so hard and in only hours it looks like I did nothing. But I have discover that I like the results ;- ). So I am trying to embrace cleaning. I do love decorating, staging my home and have started view cleaning as part of staging. This has helped me greatly, as not viewing it as drudgery. Also I have decide to make cleaning fun and pretty. Because if it is not fun, then I will not do it! So you will see posts on little things I am doing to make cleaning enjoyable.
I decided to organize all my linen drawer. I have taken all my table clothes and hung them in my closet. Then I took all my antique napkins and ironed them with my lavender linen water.
Then I set tied them in bundles with pretty ribbon. My drawer looks so lovely and there is my lavender sachet. Thank you Miss. Joanne! But it is practical too. When I need to get out a napkin it is easy to grab the ribbon and it keeps all the napkins together. I also tied my napkins rings together to make them easy to find. This Easter it was so nice to not have to dig out little waded wrinkled napkins. Make some lavender water, put on Pride and Prejudice, make a cup of tea (or watermelon margarita !!) and iron away. 
Lavin ad

Lavender Linen Water
2 1/2 cups distilled water
1/2 cup ethyl alcohol (or isopropyl or vodka)
15-30 drops essential oil of lavender'
Mix in spry bottle.


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(: Amanda :)

Oh, thank you for sharing the Lavender Linen Water recipe. I saw the thread on PW and just had to have it. ;D I also love the Ivory ad. I love Ivory soap and use it to this day for bathing and for stubborn laundry stains.
Love & Blessings,
(: Amanda :)

Mrs. U

Absolutely LOVELY idea!! I am definitely going to be trying this! :)

Mrs. U


Thank you so much for sharing the lavender water recipe. It's such a coincidence because the other day ironing I was wondering if I couldn't just somehow make my own-- now I have the recipe! Can't wait to try it.



You've inspired me to try this---what a lovely idea! I love the smell of lavender.

The vintage artwork that you have used here is so pretty, too.



I was just about to say:
"I Spy with my little eye..." and then I read on! I am so glad that you are enjoying that lavender sachet, and that you are making everything so pretty!
Lovely napkins, ribbons and even napkin rings.
You are inspiring the rest of us!


I printed up the picture to put into the cover of my laundry and cleaning binder. Mom


Clarice, I LOVE the Ivory Soap ad! And I appreciate your napkin idea. I have recently rearranged my napkins, pressed them and put them into a red picnic basket that fits into my cupboard nicely. They used to be hither and thither in that same cupboard, but now they're all nice and neat.

I like the idea of adding a lavender sachet! MMMmmmm.


What a wonderful site to see and to smell! Great idea for keeping sets of napkins together...nice idea for a gift too. A pretty bottle filled with Lavender Water, a sachet and napkins tied up in ribbon...lovely!

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