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Well I have shared before how I hate to clean. But I am trying to embrace cleaning and make it fun. My laundry room is in my large 1000 square foot basement. We use it mostly for storage. I have to tell you it hate to go down there and it had gotten so messy. Here is a before shot. It is actually an after shot. This is my husbands area and I do not touch his stuff. But the rest of the basement was even worst. At lest you can walk through this part.
I spent weeks cleaning the basement. I started off just 15 minutes a day and worked my way up when I started to see progress. After numerous trips to the dump and good-will. I could finally see a floor. And start making my laundry area pretty and hopefully a place I would want to go to. And here is is all done.
I was going with a vintage theme. Since I live in an old house and have that cool old cement zinc sink. I started by taking this table with all the glass carboys (for DH beer making) under it. I repainted the leg white. I covered the table in pretty fabric and then covered that in clear plastic. I just stapled gunned it to the underside of the table.
Then I took my ironing board and covered it.
I redid this yucky old rusted card table I used to hold my laundry soap. I repainted it white. I coved the top in white fabric and plastic. I made ruffled skirt. I glued velcro on the underside of the table top and now I can pull off the skirt if I want to. And I can store all the big ugly bottles there.
I took a vintage rose postcard blew it up and make an iron on transfer. To add a little something-something to the top. And this is a close up of the fabric I chose.
Here is my cabinet at the bottom of the stairs that holds all my Costco bulk stuff. And my huge freezer !!!
I have to tell you this has made a huge difference. We all enjoy going downstairs now. Do laundry is soo much nicer and we do not break our neck trying to get to the washing machine. David added more lighting. We are hoping to paint at lest one wall white and I think I will paint the 3 small windows a raspberry red to match the fabric. The girls even painted my clothespins for me. They are getting into the spirit of the whole thing. I have dried lavender I keep in a jar for the dryer. I have tried to put what cleaning products I can in pretty containers. All this motivates me. And now I am not doing laundry only once a month like before.


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You ladies, are so sweet. Debbie asked how i use the lavender. I put dried lavender in muslin tea bags and throw that in the dryer to make the linens smell yummy. And great idea Joanne to use the extra fab for curtains. Windy welcome. Yes Gina, only 15 minutes and I promise it will get better !!
xoxoxxo Clarice

Kim in PA

Clarice, your laundry room looks great...I just love the red fabric! You are doing such a good job on your blog!!!!


How wonderfully inspiring!


Clarice! clever you! I feel like standing up and applauding you,you have done a grand job,I am not lucky enough to have a basement,but I do have a rather unsightly storage room off the kitchen,I have had several attempts to sort it out,it is full of toys etc.but I feel I am just moving junk around!you have inspired me,15 mins a day to start with? surely I can manage that!


Let's here it for determination! Way to go. I wish I could apply your charming ways to our nasty garage. Blecch!

Isn't it nice to have things more pleasant and lovely? Good for you!


Clarice, I'm sitting here sipping my tea and eating a delish Earl Grey cookie and reading your blog. Oh the life!

I like the splash of red in your laundry room and it's so tidy and neat! I'll bring my laundry over soon! Good job! ~Jody


Clarice, With some fabric and paint you've made your laundry area a charming spot. I think your idea of covering the table with fabric then clear plastic is very clever--kind of like oilcloth but better I think! How do you use your lavender in the dryer--in a pouch/sachet?


Bravo, Bravo! (clapping my hands!)

You did a great job, Clarice. And I love the fabric that you chose!



Oh Clarice,
I am so very proud of you! Two places that I dread venturing into are:
~my attic
~my basement
I have a main floor laundry room which is so very convenient, so I needn't use either my attic or basement except for storage and there is too much 'stuff' in both places. Time for some clean up, sorting, yard sales, thrift store donations etc.
Thanks for your inspiration.
Your 'Costco'cupboard in the corner would look pretty with that same gorgeous fabric.
I say:
Hide everything with pretty fabric and say good bye to clutter!
Good Idea?


Let me say it looks even better in person, so much more cheerful. Mom


Hi Clarice, I have come by way of "the vintage housekeepers group". I love your blog and enjoy your posts very much. Seems as if the 2 of us have had the same ideas lately regarding taking areas in our homes and making them useful as well as pretty once again!! Great job on your project..love the ironing board...good idea! Blessings..


Clarice...it's getting a little spooky how much we are thinking about the same things! I hate to do laundry, partly because of my old ugly cement laundry room in the basement. I've been thinking about painting it white and then using an old tablecloth to make curtains and I bought a really pretty old fashioned clothespin bag with an embroidered bluebird on it. I love this fabric that you've used...what a wonderful job you did...you've given me hope!

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