A Trio Of Cake Pedestals
Rhubarb Rose Fool

Lady April

Lady April
Speeding west at sunset,
  A golden moonbeam found
little Lady April
   resting on the ground
Her Hair is tossed and wavy,
  Twined with violets, too;
Her lips just curved with laughter,
  Her eyes a misty blue !
The sunbeam paused and listened
  To the fairy tale she weaves;
'Twas the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,
  Of the raindrops on the leaves !
-From Kindergarten Magazine, A Turonto Kindergarten


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How delightful! I'm really enjoying your blog, Clarice. You inspire me to be more creative... Keep it up!


Utterly lovely!!


I love the poem and the picture too. Mom

Susan L

Clarice, I just wanted you to know that I've been stopping by, and I've really been enjoying your blog! So glad you're doing this now, and I look forward to more fun, inspiring, and interesting stuff from you!

Susan L


Sweet poetry and sweet picture too. Thanks for the blessing.


Oh that is so lovely! I love poetry and your vintage picture is perfect!I so look forward to your blog!


I'm sending all good thoughts your way Clarice!

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