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I have had several ladies ask me about the birds I have embroidered on the dishtowels I have given Chloe for Easter. I used a free Martha birdembroidery pattern. It is state birds. I have made several. And have used them as a guides for my birds. At first I did my birds true to life. But I was inspired by Turkey Feathers and am now playing with the colors. I have to say one "gadget" that has so helped me in my embroidery is washable wonder marker. It is amazing. You write on your fabric and then you add a little water and it disappears. I love it because if I have half embroidered a design and I want to change it, I just wet it and start all over again. It is not very expensive. I highly recommend one. Also Aubern'e has a light box I use to trace my designs. But Angie (thank you Angie) taught me a trick. You can tape your design on a window and put your fabric over that and use the window as a "light box". Let me know if you do any of the birds and how they turned out !!


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Wonderful dishtowels!


Clarice, I love your dish towels and you do a superb job on the embroidery. I'm inspired to get my needle and thread out on this blustry, snowy day.
Keep on inspiring us!


I love your blog! It is wonderful! I could do this embroidery. Your girls are also growing up. Have a wonderful day!


Dear Clarice,

Do they sell the wonder marker at Walmart, do you know?

Sounds like I'm gonna have to get one. :-)

Oh 'n I do already have a light box that I had for when I did scrapbooking so I'm close to being all set!



P.S. Love your towels that you've done!


Your towels are wonderful. I use those markers and the disappearing ink ones too. They make such a difference in what I'm able to accomplish. I use the window for a light box too...but I've wanted a real one for years!


I love your embroidered towels; what a great keepsake for your daughter!

Renee pretty! My little Nathan (nature lover) will want to make some of these for gifts!

Great job, Clarice!

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