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Earl Gray Cookies

We love our tea time. We try to have tea most afternoons. My mother comes over once a week and we knit and read and have tea time. As of lately we have been reading George Washington's World by Genevieve Foster. I have to say I am not a big lover if history books but I am really enjoying this one. It is a lovely way to stop and refresh. We like to imagine we are having tea at the Perwinkle Cottage. And we are always looking for an excuse to to make something yummy.
We have been loving these Earl Grey cookies. Here is a Martha's recipe
Mine is different from hers. I added some whole wheat pastry flour to make it healthier. Also icing to help add that Earl Gray taste and I left out the orange peel. I know it is used to help bring out the bergamot flavor in the Earl Grey but I think it competes with it. Just the Earl Grey is lovely. We keep them in a log in the freezer and slice them off and bake them when ever we want some. It only take a minute to make the icing. I just use the tea I am making at the moment. Easy, quick and yummy.
Earl Gray Cookies
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
2 Tbls. earl gray tea
1 tsp. salt
2 sticks of butter softened
1/2 cup confectioner sugar
Run tea leaves and sugar though processor to chop leaves a bit. Cream butter then add flour, sugar/tea leaves, salt and mix. Divide dough in half and roll into a log on parchment or wax paper. Freezer at lest one hour.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut logs into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Space 1 inch apart on greased baking sheets.
Bake until edges turn golden, 8-10  minutes. Let cool on sheets on wire racks.
To make icing
Take 2 cups of confection sugar and slowly stir in tea till constantly you like. Start with 4 TBLS of tea.


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Hello! I love reading your blog,living in theUK we are a nation of tea drinkers,so i am dying to try this recipe!


Clarice, I must agree with Mom -- our tea lady is definately sassy, but I think she's probably great fun to take tea with, don't you? LOVE the art your sister gave you. I like Earl Grey in the cup, but I've never had him in a cookie so I shall try! Thanks for a wonderful place to be.


Hey Clarice, it's Mary's daughter, Becca!! ^_^ Mom showed me your blog and I think it's great! I love the layout! I'm working on a new layout for my blog, but I'm stuck. >_< I'll boomark your site! I'm really impressed with how well you've laid out the text and graphics (yes, I am a computer geek ^_^). Talk to ya soon! <3


Hello I wanted to say I just found out (thank you Lisa) that 8 tea bags does not measure 2 TBL. so I took it out!!

Mrs. Staggs

So funny, how much we think alike at times Clarice! Just recently I went searching for an Earl Grey jelly recipe. Doesn't that sound interesting?

Ka Shawna

Cookies look great and there are no eggs in them! My daughter and I can't have eggs and trying to play around with cookie recipes feels too daunting with everything else in my life. I will have to substitute the butter with our non-dairy margarine. I'll give it a shot and let you know. By the way, I also like the painting and LOVE the fact that she looks "sassy not demure"! You can just tell she brings a lot of life to those around her.


Well she probably thought it suited you. ;-P Mom


My hubby is a big earl grey tea fan, so I'll make these for him. Thanks for the recipe.


Hi Clarice,
I just wanted to tell you again that:
I adore your blog!
I want to sit and visit with you over tea as we sample earl grey cookies, and browse through all your wonderful children's books!
And I wish to take my tea in the drawing room at Periwinkle Cottage...pray tell: Where are the directions for it? I simply must locate it (or is it perhaps a figment of your immagination?)
Just lovely, Clarice
P.S. Your Mother is right
Don't you know that Mothers are always right?
Give your Mamma a hug for me...I think she is great!


Mother I am shocked. Sassy not demure. You know Laurie (my sister) bought me this. You better not tell her ;-P


Oh Clarice!! You are so clever. What fun I am having enjoying your blog! We are busy colouring humming birds from your colouring book and miss Melissa is excited to try the Earl Grey cookies tomorrow. Earl Grey is her favourite and she got a fresh box of it for Easter so she's all set to treat us. Thanks for sharing~ lisa


I love the picture of the lady having tea. She looks very sassy, not demure. Mom ;-)


Tea time is very special in my home also; even if I'm home alone it's a daily ritual. I'm always looking for treats to have with tea--thanks for sharing !

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