Happy Easter !!!!
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Birds Nest

With all the little birds coming to my feeder I thought I might be nice to share the twig birds nests we made. Chloe is in a little play group and they made these. A good friend of mine Angie (you will hear her mentioned a lot on this blog) learned how to make these lovely twig nests. They were so easy to make.
First mix a bottle of tacky glue with some water to make it soupy.  Then add paper pulp. You want more glue/water then pulp. You want this really liquidly. Let it sit over night to it is adsorbed. Then mix in broken twigs, some straw sweepings (you can get free sweepings at stores were they sell straw. It is the stuff left on the ground), moss, ect. You want to keep your pieces about 2 inches long. Till you have a big soupy wet twiggy mess. Then take little paper bowls and coat the inside with Vaseline. Have also some wool, feathers and pussy willows in small pieces. Take your coated bowl and lay an little wool around the bowl, then take a big handful of gluey twigs and set in bowl. Press twigs down hard in bowl and make a nest shape. Take a paper towel and sop up extra glue. Then you lay in some more wool and stick in pussy willow pieces and feathers around the top and inside of nest. Then set your nest in your oven on the lowest setting and leave there till dried. My dried in about 19 hours. If most of it is dry you can peel off bowl and finish drying. You will have to tear away the bowl in pieces. And you have a realistic looking nest. Thank you for the great idea. Angie !!
By the way this is a picture's of Chloe and Aubern'e on with their nests on Easter morning. Aren’t they the sweetest !!!


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The girls are so pretty, Clarice ...

and what a cool idea for the twig bird nests too! :-)




Such beautiful girl and a wonderful project! I'll stop by again.


Clarice!! Ohhh I am so very very glad to see your blog! It is just beautiful and I'm looking forward to many many updates!!!

xooxxoxo Cat

Susan in Texas

Hi Clarice,

Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I have a little bird's nest on my front door -- I noticed a little bird continually coming to my dried flowers and I thought she was just gathering nest materials, but then my son found her tiny nest in my flower arrangement one morning. There are five little blue eggs in the nest. We are now trying to remember to be careful when opening and closing the front door.

Susan in Texas


Clarice, your daughters are lovely! What wonderful nests...I'm going to try both this and your lemon dessert recipe. Thank you for sharing!

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