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A Trio Of Cake Pedestals

Hello, I wanted something pink and springy for my table. So I pulled out this and that and started playing. Playing, like with building blocks but instead with china. Much more fun!! I came up with these little cake pedestal. There is one size for Aubern'e, one size for Chloe and one size for the fairies.
  All I did was take a tea cup, wine glass, candle holder, saucer, small bottle, plate and salt plate. I glued it all with museum wax. If you have not seen museum wax, you need to. Everyone should have some museum wax in their tool box. It is a must have. It is this clear wax that you use to affix. Pinkpinkflowers_2But when you do not want something affixed anymore, with a little pressure you pull them apart.I take small ball (or several) of wax and set them around let say the bottom of the tea cup and then set the plate on top. It will hold them together. And when you are done, you pull themapart and scrap off the wax and save it for the next time you need it. Then just clean the smudge left with a little orange oil. I have been using this stuff for years. My little jar has lasted at least 5 years. I love to stack things, so this wax is my secrete and saving grace. 
I pulled out a lot of different pieces. I played with stacking them, turning them over. Big on top, small on top until I was satisfied. So I encourage you to get some wax and play with your "china blocks" and see what you can build!!


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Dear Clarice,

I will have to look for some museum wax. I love the gorgeous cake pedestals you made. Have I told you how creative and wonderful you are??? Love, Paula


Well, I am off to buy museum wax!

I've been sticking my stuff together with glass glue. It lasts very well, but comes off in the dishwasher.

I always fear what some plummer is going to find in the pipes...


Just found you through ms*robyn. Beautiful blog! Such pretty things!


You are so creative!
I love it!
You even thought about the fairies! So adorable!


The pedestals are beautiful; I love your combinations of china. Now besides lavender oil, I need to add some museum wax to my list of 'must haves'!


Hey, LOVE this, Clarice! You've inspired me again!! I love to visit your home every season to see what pretty thing you've come up with.. Love, Angie


I love how you play Clarice! And I like what you construct with your "building blocks" too. I have a little gob of "poster tack" that I use in somewhat the same manner you use the museum wax. I use it behind pictures that sometimes like to sway a little. Keeps them holding fast. I like your idea of using museum wax to keep your "blocks" together. Lovely idea!


How clever! Never heard of museum wax! That's a wonderful idea, and how pretty the results are! I never use my china...this is cool! I have to try it.


I have got to have some museum wax!


What a clever idea and thank you for the tip about museum wax...I can think of all kinds of display potential for using it. It's nice to know you make the fairies feel so at home! :>)

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