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A Bird Theme


I like themes and since we seem to have a bird theme going on here. I thought I would share a wonderful coloring book, 50 Birds. It is a vintage coloring book. There is one page of the bird to color and one colored page. I actually printed off copies of the colored pages for my mother on her birthday. She framed them and has them in her library. Aren't they beautiful !!!

I am sorry for the crooked picture. I have just gotten my digital camera (Thank you Daddy). I love it but I never took pictures before this camera. So I am shaky and still figuring out what to do. So bear with me.
Chloe is very intrigued by birds right now. But with the rain it is hard to go bird watching. So we sit at our large windows and look for birds and color pictures of them. Enjoy and color. Even if you do not have a young person to color with !!!


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These birds are so gorgeous, I can see why your mom framed those 4, and you gave a great idea about coloring books as gifts.


oh these are wonderful! thanks for the link to the website of birds too.


I would like to figure out how to use one of these as a book cover for a journal maybe. I just love these pictures. Mom

Sharon Larkin1

We have lots of birds visiting our garden, all year round, which is really nice. I often find myself watching them out of the window when I really should be doing my housekeeping!

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