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Don't you just hate it when someone judges you when they don't even know you?
I do!
Great post! I can relate totally.

I also meant to say....
If you're like me and just can't quit thinking about what the guy said, then I think you should make him a batch of cookies and deliver them in person with a big smile on your face!

yeah...that is messed up...Your day is full, heck I am sure your man loves you and appericiates all you do at home for the family... I am sure you do wayyy more than thes working wives....People are so blind, let them be blind...only you and God knows that aint the truth.Homemaking is a true job..we get paid with our children raising up and saying...Your blessed. I love ya Clarice..your a wonderful wife and mother...I can tell the last several years knowing you here. Never mind the ignorant....It's not worth the time to feel hurt from it. Stand tall my dear friend. You are surely BLESSED!!!! Hugs,Mica


It is amazing that people pass judgment like they do. I am not a mom but a stay at home wife. My job is to love my husband (and pup) and create a warm, loving and nurturing environment for them both :)

I think you do a fantastic job as a wife and mother and your family is very blessed to have you :) You radiate your love to them in so many wonderful ways!

Have a blessed evening!

Very beautiful sentiments - ones that I am sure your daughters will carry with them. What you do IS priceless, Clarice - and never doubt it for a second! xoxo Theresa

Amen! Let no one say that staying home is easy. When I stayed home, I worked harder than I do now! It is a very, very full time job! Shame on them!

Our job at home is enabling. My husband is proud to have me home, he says he couldn't do what he does if I wasn't there for him and for our children. I couldn't think of a job I would rather do than be a homemaker, and nothing could possibly recompense me more. Gill xxx

PS Lady Lydia has a long post on this subject over at
this weekend, where she also emphasises the difference between housework and homemaking.

Don't hunters roast their kill over a fire and eat? I didn't think the women had anything to do with The Hunt!

Homemaking is Love-making!
Your family is blessed.


Great post, Clarice. And I love the idea of keeping a blog for your girls. I am working on a journal for my newborn daughter, and I sometimes print out articles from my blog and tape them into the journal...things I want her to read when she is grown, in case I'm not around (not to be morbid! But I'll be 80 by the time she is my age!) I want her to know what I was thinking and writing about when she was little.

I just started a new book that I am to review for Mentoring Moments. It's called Touchstones for Women, and is about the topic of journaling for your daughter. I've only just cracked the cover, but I am hoping it will give me more food for thought in the types of entries to record for her.

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