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No one should feel guilty for taking care of themselves. Hope you are all well soon. Love, Grandma

I hope that all of you will be feeling much better, real soon.

Sometimes, I think about making a box full of wonderful things that are set aside for when I'm feeling the need to take special care of myself. I'd include a wonderful movie, a favorite book, and maybe some handwork. A special tea and teacup. Maybe, a pretty set of ironed pillowcases, and a soft nightgown. You all have long hair, like me, so a pretty hairband, or ribbon for pulling our hair back, is nice, especially if we have a fever.

What would you put into your box? Those are the things that should comfort you a bit, now. Even one or two of those things will help.

What I need to work on, is keeping my freezer full of things that are easy to reheat, and eat during those times when we need rest. Like good soups and casseroles.

It is so important, as your dear mom says, to take good care of yourself, always, but it's good to let others take care of you too. It's hard sometimes, but truly, it is a gift to receive gracefully, as much as it is to give.

Take care,

So sorry you and your family are not feeling well! There is just so much of that going around.
I feel the same way ~ that nobody knows our body they way we do ~ not even the drs. Especially when all they want to do is send you home with pills and get out of their hair!
I love Lena's idea of the *special care box* of goodies just for when we are sick. That would (almost) make it worth it! At least it would be a temporary diversion for the hours of laying in the sick bed.
And I need to work on the quick meals, too!
Hope you are feeling well enough for your company! And you all are well soon!

Oh, it's no fun being sick and especially a houseful of ill people. Your advice is very good and I agree with you. "Now go sit on the potty," is what my mom always told us kids when we didn't feel good. Isn't that a funny thing to remember?

Get well soon!

I didn't know the girls were sick too! You give good advice. It's so important to listen to your own body.

I hope you all feel much better soon!



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