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This is wonderful.... I myself do with what I have to make my place comfy, and don't have to have all that expensive furnishings to make a house a beautiful home. the simplest touches are warm hearted. Thank you for sharing this too! Hugs

Thank you right back Clarice, for being so generous with your ideas, thoughts, and knowledge. I always take away something of value after a visit to your blogs. It's just a guess, but I believe that to share our knowledge, tips, tricks, and ideas for the "gentle kindnesses and tender mercies" is just how things should work amongst us mortals.
Love from your friend,

What a special story to remind us of how important it is to make our humble homes into places of beauty and rest and peace.


So lovely and so inspiring. Makes me ashamed of my over abundance and often self-centered self. You are a blessing!

I remember this lovely story well. I've always loved Tracey's books (as a matter of fact I'm giving a way one on Saturday).


Dear Clarice,

What a beautiful story! And now I have more books to add to my wish list :) !



Hello.... Kindred Spirit?

I so enjoyed your posting today. My first time visit and glad I 'found' your site.

I too enjoy Tracey's book "Frugal Luxuries". I look forward to future visits.


Thank you so much for this post! It makes one stop and think. Really think....beautiful, touching story.

I have the picture in my mind of this little home.....
For me part of the beauty is the simplicity. I strive for this but seem to fall short. Some would say I romanticize simplicity but my whole being feels at peace when I'm not surrounded by "stuff", even when it is all in it's proper place.
Clarice, thanks for the story. I'm just still searching for a way to not have "stuff".
Your love for "home" is beautiful!

Oh, I really liked this!

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