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I've always felt shame came from the secretiveness about sin. It is conviction of a sort, but from Satan, always based on his desire for you to keep quiet and not confess....which keeps you bound up in the lie trap he has set. If we confess to no one but God, then we have loosened Satan's hold upon us, but I find it best to look for someone to whom I can confess as well, someone I trust and who loves me.This requires great care however, because sometimes others can perpetrate that sense of shame. Confession truly breaks the shackles of shame.

Dear Clarice,

Your "Heartfelt Thoughts" were such a tremendous blessing to me! I know your girls appreciate you writing this to them, and I appreciate you sharing it.

This is so timely, as just the other day I was feeling guilt and shame. Out of the blue I was remembering sins that I have committed, sins that I know I have repented and confessed to God, and know that I was forgiven. Just as you said, it made me feel like there was nothing good about me, and even worse that I was not forgiven. Yes, you are right, that is all a lie from satan! Thank you for the beautiful scripture you shared. Reading God's word always assures my heart and mind. I often think my neglect of reading His word leaves me open for attack! I agree, none of us are perfect and we all struggle, but the Lord is right there to help us. I love how you said, we do have conviction and consequences for our sins, but that forgiveness, redemption, growth, freedom are always there and all we have to do is ask. This is so true! Thank you for sharing your godly wisdom. Your beautifully written words have helped me so much! I am so thankful for the forgiveness found in Christ.

Much love,


You are a smart girl!
Chloe and Auberne are so very blessed to have you.
I've always thought any thoughts negative don't come from GOD.

Jill xoo

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