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Dear Clarice,

I love your new blog! The header is so pretty! I think this is a wonderful idea and will not only be a tremendous blessing to your girls, but to others as well. I look forward to all you will share about your walk with the Lord! I know we will all be blessed and encouraged by this.

Thank you for sharing!
Love, Paula

Clarice, very cute header! I'm looking forward to reading your posts!


What a wonderful idea!

Thank you for letting us listen in to your conversations. :)


How brave of you to share what is in your heart. You are right to think that others may be encouraged by this. And what a treasure for your daughters now and in the future!


I am so glad I found both of your blogs today, they are just beautiful and very inspiring. I love to find like-minded moms online to connect with. Look forward to reading more.

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