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Thank you mom for encouraging me to be myself! I always had trouble being myself around my friends, I would be very competitive against them because I wanted to be like them, but now I know who I am & I’m much happier because of it! So thank you soooooo much for this post! I love you mom! Love Chloe!

love it. i'm sure i'll be back.

You're a wise mother.


I love the names of your girls - beautiful! This blog is wonderful!

I'm looking forward to reading this blog, Clarice. I think that you are very good with words, and the thing that I most appreciate about you, is your honesty. Not only with your readers, but with yourself. I think that sometimes, that being true to oneself can be hard for a great number people. You are wise to encourage your daughters to choose what they think is best for them.

Such good advice for your daughters. They will have these words, that you have written down for them, to use in their later life. You can have blogs turned into books and this might make a great gift for your girls as they leave home and they can pass it on to their kids.


You are such a true to the heart kind of girl! I love that attribute within you. It shines through in everything you do..

Dear Clarice,

Beautifully written! This is such a blessing to your girls and to all that read this. We all need to learn to be true to ourselves and be the way God made us to be. It is sometimes hard to do, especially when you feel you were never accepted throughout your growing up years and well into adulthood. Thankfully you have been teaching this to your girls while they are young, and sweet Chloe's comment shows how much it has helped her. Thank you for sharing your heart and wise words! God is using you in a very special way! I am so thankful to know that Christ accepts me no matter what! :)

Love, Paula

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