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Mom, you make the best stroganoff. With beef, do you cut against the grain??


I'm not sure, now. I think I was cutting across the grain. For a steak i would make slices across the steak.

Linda Colantino

Hi Linda, I can finally get on your blog and post and all!
The stroganoff sound yummy.
I do love San Francisco...such a wonderful place.
Rattlesnake? YIKES!
Hope all is well in your world.
Missing my peninsula friends...just waiting for the baby now.


Thanks Linda. I think the rattlesnake was more of a joke, although they apparently ate it. I don't think I tasted it. You will probably be busy for awhile being grandma.


Mom, we did eat rattlesnake somewhere. I cannot remember where but I remember eating it. It was not bad!! Clarice

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