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Nancy of Porch Days

I have discovered oven roasting with a little olive oil. Minced garlic is a nice addition. Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and green beans are great this way. For the green beans, I blanch them a few minutes first.


Hi Linda! My husband and I are big on veggies. We fill our plates with half veggies and then whatever else we are having. We eat only a small piece of meat most of the time and often don't have meat. We are not vegetarians but just love vegetables. I hope your book will inspire you with many new ideas for how to prepare them.

Hugs from Holland ~


Heidi, I use to love veggies but as I got older I lost my taste for them. I'm still hoping to get it back. I don't eat a lot of meat either. This is a great book for additional sauces and dips which I think is what I need to help make them palatable again, but nothing too rich. Linda


Nancy, Yes I've done the roasted veggies and I like asparagus done that way and the thin little french green beans, they get very crunchy. I tried the Caulif. recipe in the book with a sauce but didn't care for the Caulif. I do make Caulif. mash and like that.

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