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A Well Working Pantry


Well it seems one of the things on my blog everyone loves is my pantry, me to. It has been 8 months since I set it up and I have to say, even thought I baked a lot before, I really bake a lot now. Having a space set aside, organized, has made baking easier and more inspiring.


Baking has become even more of a frugal and healthy way to feed my family. Not just for dessert, but breakfast, snacks, side dishes. I can make healthy, organic, delicious items quicker now. By having the space I have more of an assortment of grains, sweeteners, spices, etc. to keep thing new and different. I tend to use the same recipes but change things up with different ingredients.

There are few things I have done that make things easier. And to be honest, I have discovered the easier, more accessible, the more I will bake. For example I have my flour and sugar in glass cigar humidors. What I love about these is they has a wide opening, so I can scoop the flour right out of the jar. Before I had it in jars with a smaller opening and if I had to scoop out a large quantity, I could not easily get my full measuring cup in. Now I have plenty of room. I encourage you to look for wide opening containers.

Flour 6

I also now have two sets of measuring cups. One for wet, one for dry. I keep the dry set next to my flour and sugar. I keep the wet set in my kitchen queen. This also saves time and confusion. 

I have also found shakers work well for spices I use a lot like, cinnamon and ginger. A lot of things I make, spices do not need to be measure. By being able to grab the spices and just shake some in, makes it very handy. 

Flour 4

I encourage you to think out of the box to carve a baking center. If you have a dining room that is not really used, maybe you can use that. Or start eating you dinners there and use you kitchen eating space as a baking center. My baking pantry was a breakfast room. Do you use cabinets to hold kitchen items you do not use a lot? Can you move those items to another spot, to open space ?  Manuela, took an unused shower and made a pantry out of it. Brilliant idea Manuela xoxoxo

When planning my pantry I looked at what I used the most and focused on making that accessible. Believe it or not, I have a second baking area in my kitchen for items I do not use as much. You do not have to have kitchen cabinets. I used shelving, a table and a low dresser. The dresser I did not think was going to work well. But since I needed to use what I already had, it was suppose to be temporary. But I have to say it works well. Cookie sheets really fit in the long, low drawers. I keep foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap and baggies in the other drawer.

Flour 5

Look at the ingredients you use most in baking. Do you have them grouped together? Are they easily accessible? Can you put them in containers that would make them easier to us? Can you take some of those baking items you do not use as much and put them in something like a old suitcase, to make room for what you do use? Think about the open space under your table. Maybe an old chest or box can go there, to hold items. Also if you have room for a bigger table, maybe one end can hold you mixer, measuring cups, flour, sugar. The other can be your work space.

Having area for just my baking, having everything I use all the time in easy access, thinking out of the box for storage and containers, has made baking much easier. Which means I am baking more and more xoxox

Organized Chaos

Tea cabnit6 

I was reorganizing my tea cabinet yesterday, so I could fit in the two new cups I got. In the end it still looks just like the jumbled mess it was before. But this cabinet is soo me, I am organized chaos ;-)

Tea cabnit3 

This built-in cabinet with the leaded glass door, is one of the first things that made my jaw drop, when we looked at our house. The inside was painted pink, of course, Mrs. Mathews loved pink. I add a zillion coats of copper and pearl paint. I wanted it to look like the inside on a mother of pearl shell. It did not turn out perfectly, like I imagined. But I try to embrace, what I do and be satisfied.

Tea cabnit5 

There is a jumble of doll champagne glasses, hand pained china, baby pictures, pink jeweled fruit, sea shells, fairy chair.

Tea cabnit2 

Crowns, old flowers, broken china, dolls. So many bits and bobs. I bet if you play I-spy, some of you will see tokens of friendships from you. To me this jumbled mess, organized chaos shows who I am, what I hold dear in my heart, what I treasure, better then anything xoxoxoxo

Tea cabnit4 

Biscut Holder

Biscut holder4 

This year we did not do a lot of gifts, except for the girls. But my mother did get me a really amazing gift and I had to share. It is a biscuit holder for our teas. It is not big enough to be a cookie holders but perfect for biscuits. The little woven handle makes it for me. Thank you mom, you have such a wonderful eye xoxo

My sweet Auberne` got me (at the Christmas House, of course) a little cottage creamer. It is missing the lid but I think it will be perfect to hold a tea light.  Thank you sweetie. My thatched cottage collection is growing xoxoxox

Biscut holder2 

Biscut holder3

Christmas House Find

Winter wonder 

We woke up this morning to a sugar dusting of snow. I went out (at 8, akkk), waked across the street, on the bridge and took this photo. I am busy today cooking and filling up my freezer for Chirstmas (I will post my menu soon). A perfect day, ahhhhhh.

Picture 064 

I was going to be a good girl this year and not go to the Christmas House. Because there is no way I can go to the Christmas House and only look and not purchases. It is physically impossible ;-) But dear hubby (and a good girlfriend, isn't that what girlfriend's are for) insisted I go. He said it would not be Christmas if I did not go. Thank goodness for him (I need to make him some Guinness chocolate cake) because I scored the most amazing dishes. 17 piece, $20.00 for these beautiful silhouette china. Plus I felt oh, so, trendy, when I saw an whole layout in the January Country Living all about how hot silhouette's are xoxox

Produce Mercantile



I love this time of year. The harvest, the overabundant bounty, the larder filling promise of plenty. I have been setting bowls around my pantry brimming with ripe red tomatoes, ruby plums, sweetly perfumed peaches, earthy potatoes, spicy apples. My pantry has been calling to me, to come shopping and create something luscious. Cooking like this is sooo effortless.

PS. I wanted to say I know my blog has been neglected lately and I am sorry. I have been busy working on a project and am almost done. Thank you fo being so patient with me. Have a yummy weekend and make a produce mercantile in the corner of your kitchen  xoxoxox

Birthday Goodies


One of the reasons I have not been around much, is it was my birthday. It was quite a week and would be a very long post if I shared everything. But here is a whirlwind list of my week. Beach combing, marmalade cake, cameo milk-glass plate/wall hanging ???, Christmas House Goodies, Cherve, roasted garlic, pine-nut pizza, chocolate tin (above), rose' wine with fresh peaches, Indian food, vintage tablecloths, Chocolate and Zucchini cookbook, vintage pink doll box (Thank you Linda xoxox) yummy breakfast in bed, Cranford DVD, unbelievably good grilled chicken kabobs with feta cheese dip, cameo salad bowl and so much more. It was quite a blessed birthday.


Aubern'e made me the sweetest little altered book from cards. She also surprised me with two drinks, which I will share soon. Chloe made me a beautiful fairy and a pink duck-tape wallet. You, girls are so creative and I love you more then words can say xoxoxox




Cameo bowl

My Catch

Pond 3

I had a lovely week, it was even sunny. All went well and my father went home a few pounds heavier ;-) I did cook a lot for him but he took us out a lot too. As much as I love to cook, it was so nice to get a break. One day we went to Bloedel reserve on Bainbridge Island. I have not been there for a couple of years and forgot just how beautiful it is. We got a membership so we will be able to go all year (I will take more pictures). There was a pair of swans, just sleeping in the grass next to the pond. We were able to get so close. They are such a handsome couple.

Swan 2

My father wanted to buy me an early birthday gift. You know my obsession with little thatched cottages. I saw this picture and had to have it. It is quite unusual. I am not sure if you can see in the picture but the glass is convex and there is dried flowers added on the picture were the garden is. It is a bit of an odd piece but with my other cottage pictures, it fit right in. I am curious how old it is. If anyone know about this type of thing, I would love to hear more. I really missed all of you. My father and his wife probably think I am cuckoo, because I talk so much about my blog and you readers xoxoxox


Candy Craft Room

My craft room 4

Wow, 85 responses to my giveaway. Thank you so much for all the support and kind comments. You have energized me to come up with 500 more ideas. I am please to announce Gill is the winner of the giveaway. I have to say Gill has been so sweet and such a support of my blog since the begining . I will e-mail you Gill xoxoxo

I have been meaning to show you my craft corner. In keeping with my candy colored living room, I tried to carry the same colors and vintage fabric over to this area. I am still working on it and it is a bit messy as you can see. I have been looking for the perfect spot for these strawberry pink curtains I got at a rotary auction. I added them to the arches and they add a bit of folly to the room. I was also lucky to purchase from Angie this old bird cage. I just love it. It is in two pieces, the red and the white and they come apart. Since it is not very summery outside (the pictures look sunny but it is not) at lest the room feels summery. It is always inspiring to craft in a fun space. 

 My craft room 3

My craft room 5 

My craft room


Candy Colors


I needed new pillows to go with my summer theme. This year I am using candy colors of summer. Strawberry, azure, lavender, raspberry, zucchini. Lots of fun color. Well since I was silly and bought a white couch (and I want my family to sit on it without me freaking out) I bought this stripped twin quilt to drape over the couch. Actually it is a pretty cheap ($ 30.00) way to add zing to my living room with each season.

For the pillows, I just took ones I already had and made covers that are easy to take on off. I really wanted to blend vintage/old fashion with a bit more modern fabric. I LOVE how these turned out. I used vintage red velvet trim below and red work above.  I played with a lottttt of fabric till I found a combo I loved. Of course Sis Boom fabric was a perfect choice. Don't you think it is almost halmarky Jennifer  ;-p xoxoxoxo



Craft Room part 3

Craft room 16

Here is the rest of the room I did not show you. I wanted to say there is a mixture of Provencal fabrics, British transfereware and modern papers. But it all seems to work. Never assume something will not go, till you try it. I say just work with what you love and I bet it will go together better then you think. You can always pick out a color or two like we did to bring it all together.

Craft room 10Craft room11

In keeping with trying to spend as little money as possible, my mother took old pillows and covered them with fabric and fun trim. The middle pillow is just a tea towel. It is all pined, tied or glued. No sewing. We do not worry about the back of a pillow, because most times no one will see it  ;-)  

Craft room 13

This is the wall across from the table and it is storage. Which is pretty boring white but that is good because your eyes are drawn to the accessories then. We used china, bucket, tin (thank youJanet, I am letting my mother borrow the pretty tin you gave me. It goes so well with her room and is holding her crayons), jars, ect.

 Craft room 14

This is my personal favorite thing we did. It is a glass cake plate that I found a blue and white plate that just fit in it. We set jars on the plate to hold pencils and such.

Craft room 15

The one wall I did not show you has a closet, which my mother uses for more storage. I have to say, with all the gray days we have this sunny room is much more enjoyable to work in. Thank you mom for letting me share with everyone. I hope you found an idea or two. But mostly will look at what you already own and find a new way to use it xoxoxo

Craft Room part 2


Thank you for the comments on the scrapbook paper wall. It really does look stunning and is a cheap way to cover a large space. Aubern'e has done this in her room with some medieval paper.

My mother's lamp had shades that were covered with cow fabric. It did not go with the room but she might still use the shades down the road. So I took fabric and sewed a sleeve. Then gathered it at the top. I pinned it on with straight pins around the gather and glued the on pom-pom trim. This way she can pull off the pom-poms, unpin the fabric and still use the shades.


One of my favorite things my mother did was her thread holder. It is just a wooden thread holder, but with all the different colors, it ended up looking like a work of art on the wall. It is across the room from the paper wall and really picked up all the colors. She made a cover for her sewing machine from a vintage dish towel and sewed ties on the side.


This is her work table. A wooden table with sides that fold down. She already had denim drapes and just added some yellow rick-rack to the edges to pick up her colors.


She felt the table looked a little bare and wanted to use more of the fabric she loved. So she made runner for the table.


I thought this bulletin board was also clever. It is just squares of foam core covered in fabric. I still have more of the room to share xoxoxo


Craft Room part 1


I have been meaning to share this with all of you for a while. For my mother's birthday I helped her overhauled her craft-room. I had helped her decorated it several years ago with all of her quilts and Americana accessories. But she wanted a new look and did not have much money to spend. My mother is very different then me, I know what I want. I have a vision, she does not. So we started by looking at what she already had. She has a large collection of blue and white china and decided to start there. Next I encouraged her to go to the craft store and look for anything (like fabric or paper) she loved. I told her not to worry about it matching (she worries to much about things matching, have I taught her nothing ;-)  She found some scrapbook paper she loved and fabric. They both had a strong marigold yellow and we used that and blue as our base.


I have broken this up in several posts because there is a lot of simple and inexpensive ideas that might inspire you. We used her white furniture so her china would stand out and found any linens that would go.


For a side table we just covered a small table with fabric. By the way this is the back side of the fabric. So remember to look at both sides.


The coolest thing we did was her wall. She had all this large blank wall space. We used the book of scrapbook papers she loved. We just taped the papers together in strips and then tacked each strip, top and bottom, to the wall. It gives the room lots of color and the wow factor !!!

I still have a lot more to share xoxoxo

A Baking Pantry


I have this little room off my kitchen, Mrs. Mathews the previous owner used it as a breakfast room. We were using it for an office, but there was always a huge mess. I decided to not fight the mess and just move it were I can not see it. Makes a happier marriage ;-) Even thought I have a big kitchen, I still needed more room. I need storage for all my bulk (almost 30 jars) and baking items. So I decided to turn the room into a baking pantry. I am just using what I already have on-hand but slowly over time will replace and make the room more like I want. I want it to feel more Victorian, without feeling cutesy. You know what I mean ? So I decide use use black as an ascent color. It feels a bit more formal. My big find (well I did buy this) is this French marble pastry table. I was looking on-line all day and could not find one I could afford. When low and behold on Craig's list was one, Wa-hooo !!! I love it and it works great to make my bread and doughs right on the table.

Pantry_8Pantry_6 Pantry_2 Pantry_1

The girls and I painted over the wallpaper a pale buttery yellow and all the trim white. It looks much more yellow in these pictures (it also looks much more crowded with stuff in the pictures). This room has some sweet woodwork and corner shelves, I really wanted them to stand out. But I also wanted the walls to be neural and warm for those gray days we have. I am really happy with it.


A lot of the accessories you see, I will change out. I just sort of set things in, to live with it for a while. I can not decided if I want a more European French feel (which I am leaning towards) or a old fashioned general store. Or a mish-mash of both. I know everything I do not want the room to be, but still working on what I do want. It is very tempting to go out a buy a bunch of new stuff, but I am trying to be good. 


By the way the below picture is standing in the party looking into my kitchen. The hall on the right goes to the library. So this is what I have been up to. Next is taking the room apart again and pulling up all the yucky linoleum. There is hard wood floor underneath. I will see what it is like and then decided what to do. I have my lap-top back and just today I can get on-line. Thank goodness. All is right with the word. I would love your feedback on the pantry. Remember be honest , not polite xoxoxoxox


A Garland and Winner



Do you remember this garland ? Well it is time to spring things up. All I did was change out the red rick-rack ribbon with something more spring like. The reason I posed this again is because it is such a simple garland. All you need is different ribbons and some tape. I added butterfly's were the holly was (it covers up the tape). Also I just love the pom-pom trim on the window. It make doing the dishes so much cheerier. So if you have a corner that needs an uplift, try a ribbon garland.


Congratulations Sarah at Mama and Jack, for winning the book in my last give away. I will e-mail you. Thank you again everyone for joining in and being such a blessing to me xoxoxxo

PS. the reason I can not send the books media mail, is because anytime someone wins a give-away on my blog, they get chocolate  ;-)

PSS. I have been asked were I get the butterfly's ? I got them at Jo-Ann's floral section. They are only $2.00 or so and the cool thing is they have little clips on the back to attach them to things. I need to get some more !!!!



This is the perfect pillow Aubern'e made me for Valentines day. She took a tee-shirt (that I loved) it did not fit her anymore and made a pillow. She just sewed it up, stuffed it and cut a fringe edge. So sweet !!!!!!

We have a winner for the Easter book. Congratulations Miss.Tina (who I have met and is the sweetest. I am hoping to have her over for tea soon xoxox) I will e-mail you Tina xoxoxox

The new book this week is Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone by Deborah Madison, you can look inside the book. The reason I post the radish salad recipe, (which we are really loving) was because I knew I was giving this book this week. Even if you are not a vegetarian (I am not) but are looking for interesting ways to use vegetables and vegetarian ingredients, Deborah knows her stuff. I have just about every book she has written. This is a very thick book full of info. Good luck.

PS. Because this book is sooo big, I will be mailing it book rate.


Vintage At The Sewing Expo


I decided to go to the sewing expo and see what it was all about. Thank you Deby for letting me know about it. It is the biggest in the US and second in the word. It was big and I had fun. Although there was a lot I was not interested in, there were a few great vendors selling vintage and interesting trims, buttons, ect. I even got a tablecloth. What I love the most about it, is the red polka-dot, wavy edge. It was hard to photograph, it is much paler but not boring. The detailed stitching is so perfect.

Oh I did get more then what I am showing but the rest are Easter basket gifts for the girls.

I hope you are having a lovely day and remember to do one nice thing for yourself today. I plan to make a cup of tea in my prettiest tea cup and just watch the birds in my yard (wait till you see the bird nests you can make). Oh and to be grateful for all I have xoxoxo



What An Adventure


I had a lovely time in OR. Although it was very stormy and we could not do much. I was thrilled though, we went to an outlet-mall and they have a Le Creuset seconds shop. I have been wanting a 9 qt. Le Creuset for such a long time. My mother taught me it is better to have less kitchen equipment but the best you can buy. It is a life-time investment. My Le Creuset lovely deep blue-green. Another blessing there is no tax in OR !!!!!!

But I wanted to tell you about my little linens adventure. My MIL (who knows me so well) was talking with my FIL's barber and he was telling her how the trunk in his shop was full of linens, made by his mother and had not been opened for years. While visiting she said she wanted to stop by the barbershop and unbeknownst to me, she asked him if he was interested in selling any of the linens. He was and the next night I went over. Now this trunk is huge and has big leather straps around it. As he opened the trunk, there was this beautiful smaller wooden box on top with a picture of a lady with an amazing hat. He lifted the box and the trunk was stuffed with linens. It was like Christmas morning but better. It would have taken me an hour to really go through it but I only had a few minutes. It was so much fun and a bit awkward, going through someone's family history. I kept asking are you sure you want to sell. Actually I think it is sad none of his children did not want any. I could have taken piles but did not want to seem greedy. I just picked out a few really beautiful pieces. My favorite is this child's apron. I love how the ladies frilly skirts are the pockets. I need to find a special way to show it off.

Then he proceeded to take me in the back-room full of boxes, old tables, chairs, ect. He tells me all those boxes are full of china. I thought I would die. I so wish I could just rent a u-hail and clean out his store room for him  :- ) maybe if I am lucky, next time I visit he will want to sell more.

I also loaded up on Sisboom Mod Girl fabric, old vintage lace, 10 yards of hand embroidered linen trim for $2.00. I need to do some sewing now. Speaking of sewing, wait till you see my Valentine runner. Thank you for all well wishes and glad you had yummy oatmeal xoxoxox


New Goodies




Well I have some new goodies to show you. David and I are not giving each other gifts (although I am sure someone will leave him some gourmet beer under the tree) but I did get to some goodies at the Christmas House inlew of a present. I love the wool pear, of course anything french, old ironstone and that whole set of dishes was only $5.00. I have to say they do not look like much on the table there, but in my kitchen queen, they look very charming and gingerbready.

Also my father bought me a couch. We were in desperate need of a couch. The one we got 7 years ago was an old hand me down recovered in wonderful fabric. But is had gotten so saggy Chloe was the only one who could sit in it. Now I do not love my couch. I had only 5 days to find something and I am very limited were I live. Plus everything I loved was like 3-5 thousand dollars. Anything under $1000 all looks the same. It made me crazy. I go in a  furniture store with hundreds of couches and they were all the same, big and pillow back. Well I decide to just look for something basic with good lines. One day I will get my curvy, vintage, tucked back couch I want. Some day. I hope I do not sound ungrateful, because I really am. We never could have bought a new couch and it was very kind of my father. It was just very frustrating.


Also I want to thank Manuela and Janet for my friendly blog award. I do hope my blog is friendly. I know both of yours are and you are both such dolls. I know I am suppose to pass this on to others  but I always agonize over giving awards. I want to give them to all of you, so that is what I am doing. You readers are so dear to me. that you would take time out of your day to come to my blog means everything to me. I never take that for granted, thank you xoxoxox

Guest post by Chloe



Hello my mother said I could share my doll house with you. I have been busy decorating it for Thanksgiving. I made leaf garlands and leaf covered roof for my house.

Picture102_2 Picture103

I decorated the mantel with autumn leaves and made a pie and vegetables for the kitchen.


You can not see it very well in the picture but I also make a stuffed turkey for dinner.

Picture104 Picture105

I made a leaf rug and of-course I have my guitar to practice on when I am not cooking. Thank you for letting me share and Happy Thanksgiving, Chloe.



Chloe found this beautiful butterfly out in our yard. It was so stunning and we never find anything like this, it need to be showcased. I love the shadow boxes in Martha's new craft line at Michaels and it was very easy to use. I tried to get a better picture (it is so hard to take a picture of something with reflective glass) I found two papers with reverse colors and did half and half. Also have you seen the velvet rick-rack !!!!!!

Hydrangeas, Lots Of Them !!!


My china hutch is a hand-me-down (as is most of my furniture). It does not quite fill the space, it feels a bit small. Plus I like my walls filled, not lots of air around them. Someday hopefully I can get something that will fit the space better but until then I need to make this work. I am planning on painting it the tea color of my walls, to make it blend in. Living in a hundred year old house I have high coved ceiling and I wanted to add height to my hutch. I am blessed that my mother has two large hydrangea plants and let me have a bunch. I have been drying them. Stacking and filling the space about the hutch. I have to say I am quite happy with the results and it so fit in my budget. I took a long skinny basket I had, filled it with foam blocks and stuck the bottom hydrangeas in and around the basket. The rest are just sitting on top of the bottom ones. Easy as pie. Do you know anyone with hydrangeas they do not want ? I am sure you could find a space in your home for them !!!!


Yumy Finds


I hit one of those amazing yard sales last week were they are lots of antiques and everything is a quater or fifty-cents. Look at this large wonderful framed print, $3.00 yeah. I am so drawn to any picture of mother and child.  I got a lot more but this is the highlights (Sarah I thought of you as I was filling up my box xoxoxo) Thank you for letting me share.

PS. I will share about my lavender tea soon. I just need to write out a recipe for all of you !!!




Name my Deer, Please


See my baby deer and mama. These deer came with the house. They have been lounging under a tree, but they are really old and I am worried they are jut going to fall apart.  Plus I am affraid some child will sit on them. So I decided to drag them in the house were hopefully they will be more protected. Now I am pinching myself I did not do this 6 years ago when we moved in. I love them and think they are appropriate for my storybook cottage. I wanted to name them but can seem to come up with anything. I would love ideas (no bambie, please) If you can think of any wonderful names for my deer, please share them. Thank you!!!

I hope everyone has a yummy Saturday. I am off to Sequim to pick pounds and pounds of raspberries for the freezer xoxoxox


Menu Of The Week


I hope you do not mind another veggie pasta dish but that is what I have been craving lately. We love this pesto, green bean, potato and pasta dish. Now potatoes and pasta together may sound a bit strange but really they are very yummy together.

You all may know this but pesto freezes really well. I like to make big batches of pesto in the summer. I freeze the pesto in ice cube trays and then transfer the cubes to freezer bags. Also if you do not have a lot of basil you can use half spinach.

A yummy tomato and mozzarella salad on the side is a perfect complement. If you are feeling the need for some meat you can make the salami version.

Zucchini's are starting to come to the market. I love my zucchini cake with lime curd and whipped cream fraiche. You can make the lime curd a couple of days ahead to save some time.

I think this meal is a wonderful healthy way to highlight summer veggie !!! 

Pesto Pasta with Potatoes and Green beans

This is basically a pasta tossed with pesto, cooked potatoes and green beans. There is several way to cook the veggie. You can steam or roast in the oven or stir fry your potatoes and green beans. I have made it all three ways and it is yummy but I love the roasted way the best. It is what sounds good to you at the time.

Mozzarella Tomato Salad or

salami version

Zucchini Cake with Lime Curd and Whipped Cream Fraiche

Picture by Beatrice Emma Person

Birthday Thank-Yous





Thank you ladies for all the kind birthday wishes. It means so much to me that you would even bother coming by my blog, let alone leave a comment. It brightened my whole weekend. I had a lovely relaxing weekend. I got breakfast in bed (I had already well stocked the frig !!!) We went out to dinner with my sister and mother to Ajax cafe. This restaurant has hats everywhere, we had a blast trying them all on. I had grilled duck with wasabi mashed mashed potatoes, tempura green beans, garlic honey sauce and a dry rose'. It was heaven !!!!


I got the loveliest of gifts. Aubern'e wrote me the most amazing poem and Chloe sang me a song in elf language. Which she explained that only those of high class could hear. If you were of low class and heard it you would be banished forever. I was a bit worried I might be of low class and be banished but Chloe assured me I was of the highest class (I do not know were she gets her imagination). She also painted this lovely gold rose.

Picture_1035 Picture_1039


                                                 Picture_1037_edited1 Picture_1029_edited1

PS. I was chatting (actully lecturing, sorry) with another blogger about how it is important for us to not worry that we do not look perfect and just share pictures of ourself. Because it is nice for the reader to see the person who is writing the blog. So I am taking my own advice and posting this not very flattering picture of myself in a crazy hat xoxoxo

A Stawberry Weekend


Well it is strawberry time around here. We always go to Sequim through the summer, because they have the best you-pick farms. We picked 15 pounds and will go again. I froze most for future use. Since hubby was not with us we shopped to !!! I got these gorgeous glasses at a thrift-store for $12.00. Isn't the color to die for. Also this wonderful tin to hold our keys and sunglasses.

It had rained all night and just minutes before we arrived to pick berries, so we were soaked. We decided to go to breakfast and dry off. The Oak Table had been recommend but I was not prepared for how nice it was. We did not fit in with all our mud but it was fun. It reminded me of one of those frilly 80's tea houses (with floral wallpaper and borders everywhere). I had not been to one of those in soo long, it brought back memories. Plus they had some amazing antiques and this glassed in room I loved (I should have taken pictures, next time). I had Potato pancakes with sour cream and Aubern'e had this monstrous apple pancake, ymmm.




Vintage Sewing Chest


I am so excited, I can not even wait till this actually arrives to share it with all of you. Look at this amazing sewing chest I just bought from Lisa at Pink Paint and Roses. Oh my, I am so in-love. I have been wanting a sewing basket. My cigar box is to small, but this is even better. I love how it folds up flat for storage and then opens up, even with it's own little table top you can pull out. Plus is is pink. I drag my sewing all around my house. This will be prefect for that. Thank you Lisa (if you have not seen her charming blog, go check it out !!! ) I will treasure this and thank you ladies for letting me share. Ohh if I can only wait for it to come now !!!!!


Sewingchest42036020x20480_edited1   Sewingchest12036020x20480_edited1

Corner Of My Home


I wanted to share my door with you. For a long time it was in my living room, but then I moved it upstairs to my bathroom. It has my favorite child's apron on it. But I see now, that you can not see it well. I will take more pictures soon. The funny thing about this door is it was up in the attic of the farmhouse I use to live in. It was covered in dirt. But when I went to wash it, I did so painstakingly, so none of the chipping paint would come off. My hubby just shook his head and put it the chick file (the chick file, is all the girls things I do that confuse David :-)


I love this mirror. It was my MIL but it was just ugly brown (I do not like brown much) wood beads. So I painted the whole thing white and wired on all these little do-das. Like old buttons, price tag, little pear, a old rose, ect. The cool thing about wiring them, is I can move each thing to my liking.


Also look at my new little pale pink compost pail. I love it and it was only $7.00 at TJ Maxx !!!!!

Opinions needed


Well ladies I need your opinion. Please be honest (not polite). I got this fireplace free from my in-laws. It is a plug-in fireplace from the 50s. There is a heater above and two fans (only one works) that blow the heat. Under the fake logs there is a light bulb. It is made from travertine (I think, It is very heavy). The fireplace is 42 1/2" high x 23 1/2" deep x 56" width.  Is it cool, is it tacky, is it saleble?? How much would you be willing to pay for it ?? I am debating if I should keep it or sell it. I really do not have room for it and I can not decide if I like it. I neeeeeeeeed feed back. Thank you xoxoxox



Christmas House !!!!!


It is Christmas House time again. I live for these sales. I do not know what I will do when she stops having them.


I got this fun little German cottage thermostate for $6.00. I love the mushroom and blue bird.


These milk glass bowls I got last weekend on my trip. A $1.00 each. These will be my cereal bowl !!                                                                                 


I Love this floral picture. It is my favorite shade of pink, blush. Not bad for $16.00.                  

May Day Basket




We were so inspired by all the May baskets we saw on-line today, chloe and I decide to make our own. Chloe made a small May basket for the fairies and mine is the large, bombastic one. 

Thank you for the inspiration ladies xoxoxox

Corner Of My Home


Well I finally took down my bird tree. I know Christmas was 4 months ago but it has been too cold to work out there. The sun has been peeking out, so we took advantage and cleaned out the shoe-room (as we call it). I still love my nests and scattered them around. See that large green glass bottle? Isn't it amazing. It belonged to grandmother Bell. It is a very old oil bottle she got in Mexico. The light jar is a garage sale find. The small dark green bottle was a goodwill bargain. It was covered in wicker that was all moldy, but I could see there was pretty green glass under it. So I took it home cut off the moldy wicker. It is a beautiful hand-blown bottle. I am soo glad I did not let that black mold gross me out !!


Egg idea


I have been in such a hole I thought Easter was not for a couple of weeks. Akk I am soo not prepared and am running around like a crazy woman getting ready for the Easter Bunny. I thought I better post this idea before the holiday passes. I have a collection of paper-mache eggs. I love them but they are hard to display being such an odd shape. So I found using teacups is a great way to hold them up.

Speaking of eggs, I have had several e-mails asking if my petite-magazine is about Easter. No it is not. It is springy and you could use the ideas for Easter but it is not specifically Easter. I hope that helps clear things up. I am off to make birthday cake and then plan my Easter menu. 

PS. I have been asked if I made the eggs. No I am not that talented. But I am flattered that you would think I was ;-)

Spring glimpses


We are starting to have glimpses of spring, in between the raindrops. I love looking out my living room window and seeing the door I set against the tree. It looks like a door that would take you to fairyland.

Oh and look at the mirror table I got on clearance for $25.00. I was sooo thrilled. Also my mother bought me is amazing tea towel from Anthropology. It is too wonderful (and expensive) to actually use. So I wrapped it around a pillow.  I just pined it on the backside with safety pins. I love this easy idea, because I get board really easy and am aways changing things around. This make it simple to do.

The Chair



Chair makeover

Chair makerover22

Okay I am going to brag (a little), I have never recovered anything before and I am sooo happy with this chair. I painted the wood trim silver, then I remembered I had this wonderful old floral chintz. I bought the jacuard and striped fabric. The strawberry rick-rack gives it the fun punch. I glued and stapled the fabric over the existing fabric. The really hard part was sewing the cushion. I ended up pining it all together. This was a definite learnig curve and I admire anyone who does this for a living. Thank you for letting me share!








Wow what a wonderful weekend I have had. I LOVE T J Max. I got this amazing tea-pot with these perfect roses for $9.00 and creamer $5.00. As Alison would say it make my heart ache to just look at them and look how well they go with these paper clay roses I made a few years back xoxox


I got a pink phone, a PINK phone (for free). Now I have to paint and glitter it !!!


Lastly dear hubby sucked it up and agreed to washing with rose scented hand soap. What a guy. As you can see it is rosy around here (wait till you see my chair, it turned out amazing)





I got a new bookcase for the library. Sighhhh I could not get a great picture. But I am soo happy with it. It goes beautifully with my other bookcases and hold so many books. I put the old green cabinet in the living room. In my new winter corner (hint, hint)

I have have this wonderful but very shabby wing back chair for a while. I finally decied it is looking shabby, not shabby chic. Thanks to Abby (who thanks to Brocante Abby was inspired) I found out about Squint and was very inspired. Well so far I have painted all the wood trim silver. I wanted to show you the before so you will appreciate the after. I am planning on getting some cream velvet and tea dying it for the arms and then we will see. I decided to cover it section by section.


Christmas House Goodies


Well the Christmas house was last week.  It just is not the holidays without the Christmas house. I am so in-love with these little paper houses. The church is missing a steeple, so I will have to make one. I am still not sure what to do yet with them, but I have several ideas.


This is a Christmas gift for David (He never looks at my blog !!) Actually I would get it for me, so he and I can share it. Isn't he lucky !!


Aren’t these just beautiful. I am always on the lookout for books about birds (for Chloe) that is more then just the facts. We have not read these yet but if they are good I will let you know.


Lastly these are not from the Christmas house but I just had to share. I am sooo excited. I have been looking forever for jars for all my spices that I loved. Well we have a new Cost-plus (which I am madly in-love with) they have these wonderful spice jars. They look so Victorian and old but only $1.99. I need almost 50 so every pay check I am picking up a few till I get enough.

Corner Of My Home


Well it all started out that I got the idea that those fabric samples they sell would make wonderful napkins (I still plan down the road to use them for napkins). Then when I got home I starting thinking I would like some kind of slip-cover for the chairs. But I wanted it to be simple and cheap. I came up with idea of sewing ribbon ties on each corner and tie them together and slip the squares over the top of the chairs. Even though they are all different fabrics they seem to go together and go with my runners.  They also pick up the quilt theme of my china cabinet. I am very happy with these simple toppers and when I get board, then I can turn them into napkins. The wreath above is on my front door. I use this wreath every fall. I usually do something different but I am so in-love with this wreath (and colors) I have never got sick of it.


Questions, questions



I survived the weekend and made the best Apple Cream Crumb pie. I will post recipes later. Also I received yummy mail that I will post. The lovely thing about guests (besides being with wonderful people) is enjoying a nice clean home. There is nothing like guest to get me to clean my house.

Well you ladies have a lot of questions lately so I am here to answer them xoxox


Mrs Staggs asked

“I am wondering are they marked with the name of the pattern? “ The cherry sugar bowl and creamer.

Well sadly there is no name if the print on it. This is all it says Rosen thale Bavaria and the number 56.

Little Jenny Wren asked if I would share some of my books. Well I have a lot but I will share a them now and then . Here are a few favorites.

"More Really-So Stories" by Elizabeth Gordon. I LOVE any book by Elizabeth Gordon. If I can get my hands on a copy of a book by her I will. This book is short stories about different bits of history with the most amazing illustrations. It is not on-line but here is "Four Footed Folk"

"Flowers and Their friends" by Marget W Morley. Now I have lots of nature books in story form and even though the title sounds like this would be one of them it is a bit more factual. But I still love this book. Here is "Wasps and Their Ways"

"Among The Pond People" by Clara D Pierson. This does sound like it is a bit of a sci-fi movie {- ). It is actully a very charming book about nature (told in story form, ofcourse). Plus you are lucky it is on-line

There is also "Among the Forest People""Among the Night People" , "Among the Medow People"

Dianatha asked what we are having for Thanksgiving.

Well I am still planning. Dear hubby will deep-fry the turkey. Mostly because then I do not have to deal with the turkey (I hate turkey but everyone else loves it). This is what I am thinking of at this point (but it could change any minute, with my whims). Rye bread stuffing with maple sausage, toasted pecans and dries apricots (the tangy kind of apricots), cranberries cooked in port, Chloe wants mashed potatoes and gravy. Okay here some honesty, I can not make good gravy and Central Market make good gravy (not great but good) so I load up on their gravy !! Pumpkin cheesecake and Aubern'e wants to make pecan pie. Basically my mom and sis do the veggies. Although I have to have fresh chestnuts at Thanksgiving, so I am trying to work them in. Maybe green beans with chestnuts. But I am still contemplating it. What are you make Dianatha ???

Gill asked how I put up the paper background in my china cabinet.

All I did was tape the paper together and tape it to the back of the cabinet. You can read about it here

Jody asked about the paint color in the library.

Well I can not find it so far. I know it is Bemjerman Moore. I think it is HC-41 but as soon as I find it I will post it.

Corner Of My Home

Picture_156 After

Img_0183_1_1 Before

I have not shown you yet the fall look I have given my living-room. Usually I do a black/red color theme. But this year I went for eggplant and burgundy. What I am most excited about is my new background in my cabinet. I wanted to do something that looked like a quilt (now Kathy, this is the kind of quilting I can do !!) I had such fun at the scrapbook store playing with paper till I got the right look. I really wanted one to see all the different papers I used, so I took out the top shelf and wow what a difference. I had never done this before, but you would be surprised how just a small thing as removing a shelf can change the whole look. Now I am looking at my shelves in a new way.

Picture_154 After

Img_0561_1 Before

I also gave my lamp a new look too. Sadly you can not see in the picture how wonderful this rose is. It is all different shades of purple to almost black. So just a bit of velvet ribbon and a flower and tah-dah ! I will show more next week. My mother-in-love is coming to visit, so I will be busy this weekend cooking and entertaining. But I will be back on Monday.

Kitchen Queen


Picture_011_1 Picture_013

  Picture_012 Picture_016

Picture_017_1 Picture_019

I am the most blessed girl in the world. A dear friend (who asked to remain anonymous) gave me free her kitchen queen. It is from 1910, has a flour sifter, a glass window so you can check the level of the flour. I took a dress of Chloe's when she was little girl, I lined the upper cabinet with it and made a little half curtain. It is this wonderful little red riding hood fabric, my good friend Christy made the dress for Chloe. I have saved it waiting to do something special with the fabric. The lower door, is in bad shape the veneer is peeling off. I did the red work piece (the first one I have ever done) but was not sure when to do with it. It is perfect inset on the door. I am so thrilled with the kitchen queen. It s so wonderful to have such a piece of history in my home. Thank you are such a dear friend (You know who you are) xoxoxoxox

Placemat Woes


I always have a table cloth on my dining room table. I have so many pretty vintage cloths I like to show them off. But sometimes a girl like to change things up a bit. So I thought I would go with bare wood for a while. Well my practical hubby says you can not put hot plates on wood, it will ruin it. Doesn’t he know it adds patina. I tried to enlighten him, but he did not get it. So for martial bliss, I said I would get place-mats. I have looked and looked. I can not find anything I like or can not afford what I love. That beer budget thing again. Well I was in T J Max (I love that store) and saw these runners. I loved the fabric and they were $6.00. So I bought two. At first I was going to run them the other way but there were times when there was 3 of us on one side. Or we were crafting and needed the protection. So I ran them lengthwise and love it. Now I am looking at table runners in a whole new light and practical dear hubby is happy.


Also see my new tussy-mussy. Rosehips from my mothers garden and these amazing carnations. You know I have hated carnations for years (along with mums) but they have sooo many new kinds now. They are dirt cheap and last a good two weeks. So I am treating myself a bunch twice a month. Thank you Jody for the inspiration xoxoxo


Shabby Chic Desk


If you think of me, please say a little pray. My computer has dumped all my favorites. I mean everything. Hundreds of sites, ideas, images. So I am a bit scrambling with the blog. If I am not posting all the time it is because I am trying to play catch-up with the blog. So please be patient. It will get better.
Here is my shabby chic desk. I have a lot of silver and pale colors. I am totally in-love with my desk. I did have this on my living room but it was more of a writing desk. Now I transferred all my things for my desk off the kitchen desk (that is a complete bomb, David and I can not agree on how to organize) and now everything is here. I have my lovely painting of a lady from Boston and my tea print from my sister.
You can see my wish cake box from my Dear friend Aurora and my silver cup from my sister xoxox. 
I had fun coming up with storage. I have a old silver/white bread box, wire basket, cups. It is hard to see but I made the desk blotter. I hope everyone has a little corner with pretty pencils, stationary, storage, ect. 

A corner of my home


         Pink roses

 These candle sticks are one of my favorite thing’s I own. They belonged to my Grandmother Clare, my father’s mother. My grandmother died from a stroke when my father was 16 and grandfather Isador died 6 months later of a broken heart.  I am sad I never meet my grandparents but I have always felt a special bond to my Jewish root and my grandparents. My grandfather owned 3 bakeries in San Francisco, which are long gone now. When he was ten he moved to Germany to apprentice as a baker. Ten, can you imagine?  

I know nothing about these candle sticks except that they were my grandmothers. I would like to think they are a family treasure. Since her entire family (except two people) we killed in the holocaust, I am sure family items were treasured that much more. The candlesticks are always in the center of my dining table. The pitcher is a garage sale find. I ADORE pink luster-ware and so wish I had more of it. The plate is a gift from my mother. I have four of them in different colors. I have been inspired by Jody's wild -flower bouquets. Unfortunately flowers set off my allergies but I discovered if I make small tussy-mussy bouquets they will not set off my allergies. So this is my tussy-mussy of the day! Thank you Jody for the inspiration. I off to Post Townsend for my birthday celebration with my mother and my sister. I will post pictures (wait till I tell you what my hubby got me !!) Have a yummy Saturday !!!


Corner Of My House


I was inspired by Mrs. Stagg's Rose June corner to make my own. Since the 4th July is just around the corner I decided to make a patriotic corner.


A couple of years ago made these little cards. I printed up vintage post card. Glued them on cardstock, glittered them then added ribbon hangers. In the past I have hung them on a garland over my sink. But had fun setting them out in my entry room. Here a two images for you to use. Enjoy !!!

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