Winter Little Things, day 4
Winter Little Things, day 6


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I am enjoying your Winter Little Things series. Happy New Year.


I do love the beauty of candles - how their flame flickers, how people look so much better in candle light, their mesmerizing movement and the romantic shadows they cast against a wall. I love their shapes, whether they are long and tapered, or short and substantial. They come in so many lovely colors and fragrances, but the fragrance part is my big concern! Is breathing in that (I assume) artificial smell in combination with the melting "wax" ( what are they made up with ?) really healthy to breathe? Is it like huffing those plug in air fresheners ( or any other chemical vapors)? Perhaps beeswax candles are perfectly safe? I don't know! I love their natural makeup and honey fragrance! I don't mean to be a wet blanket here! I have candles in my home, but I rarely light them now because I do have a mild concerns about any health issues they may cause. I have some breathing issues and am trying to eliminate any further harm/problems caused by breathing in potential harmful fumes. I am thinking from now on, any candles I bring into my home will be beeswax ones-their natural compositions make me feel "healthier" (than the standard, cheaper models) and can still enjoy the delightful, relaxing ambience of candles!

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