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Winter Little Things, day 2

Winter Little Things, day 1


   Happy New Year! I love the month of January. I think it's because it is a slow month. Days of puttering at home, reading, wood stove, cozy kind of days. I was reading about hygge. Which means


    I LOVE this idea and want to do this in my own life. In keeping with the hygge concept, I am going to post one idea everyday this month. I hope  these will inspire you to find hygge in your own life. Here is a great post about this idea. See you tomarrow xox

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Kim at Thistle Dew

Clarice, I don't think we have any Danish blood n our ancestry, but I think hygge is why I love winter and rainy days so much! We "cozy down" around here! ☺️


Great idea! I'll look forward to it. Candles are a big part of hygge in my own home during winter. And a few twinkle lights.

Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden

How perfectly wonderful!


Much easier to pronounce in Swedish, or use the Norwegian word kos! It is a Scandinavian concept that gets us through the long dark winters :) I shall enjoy your daily posts; so koselig!


I love this idea also! I already enjoy trying to make my home as cozy as possible and kick life up a notch to make things special. January is a perfect pick me up time to do this :) Thanks for sharing Clarice!


Lovely! I adore the idea of more candles, myself! :)


Lovely! The perfect way to start the New Year!


I would like more hygge in my home and life, but I'll have to learn to pronounce it!


LOVE this so much! You speak my language girl. Gonna ask the Lord to show me how to have more hygge in my life too. Hugs.

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