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Christmas Menu 2015

Xm menu 2015 storybook woods

    I have had numerous request for our Christmas menu (probably because it is different every year). So here is this years menu's!

Christmas Eve

A potatoes bar with both white and sweet potatoes. Assorted topping; bacon, cheese, guacamole, linquica sausage, pesto, grilled veggies, olives, etc.

A big salad.

Dessert assorted fruitcakes, cookies and candies we have made or been given.


Christmas Breakfast

A traditional German breakfast of assorted meats, sausages, cheese, bread/butter, hard boiled eggs and fruit.


Christmas Dinner

First course lemon marinated shrimp in avocado halves

Swedish Meatballs


Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage

Bacon spinach salad



Brandy mincemeat pie

Grain-free banana bread with mascarpone

Nutella Mousse except I am NOT using nutella (too much sugar and bad stuff in it). I am using Jasons hazelnut chocolate butter







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Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden

Wow - they better come hungry!


Oh yum!!!!!!!!!

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