Merry Christmas
Winter Little Things, day 1

A Year of Storybook Woods 2015


    My years list of favorite posts. As you can see there are two months where I did not even post anything. Last year was about finish my novel and trying to stay on track with my lifestyle changes. I am proud to say I accomplished both goals. What is your favorite memory of 2015?

January, Bloom, I Love Food Too Much To Eat That post

February, Luck Of The Irish Pizza

March, Baking Pantry Up Date

April, our trip to McMenamins Edgefield

June, Bloom, Browned Butter Trick

August, Bloom, Being Slayed

September, Autumn Reading Corner

October, My new novel Wishes Are Like ... a sequel to Wren Bay

November, Martini Steak

December, Red & White Christmas theme

Above my favorite instagram image I took from 2015. My home in the spring!





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So many good things! I love your blog and I hope you keep on sharing with us into the new year. God bless you, dear lady!


Hi Clarice,
Congratulations for reaching your goals in 2015, Clarice! I missed a lot of blogs and blogging in 2015. Hoping to get back on track in 2016.

Happy New Year, Clarice. Can't wait to see what 2016 brings!!!

Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden

I have enjoyed your blog for a long time. Will have to postpone finishing reading Wishes until after we move as there is so much to do. I will probably restart reading it at that time as when you lay a book down for a while it is better to refresh the whole thing. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

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