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Churchm gardland  

    Last year Churchmouse yarn shop  had wonderful paper and tartan plaid cones filled with balls of yarn. We wanted to recreate these. Normally we make a wreath for this mirror but a garland worked better.  

Churchm gardland1

    First we made cones from roofing paper (I LOVE this stuff. Everyone should own a roll of it). Then covered it with plaid fabric, velvet ribbon and old mother-of-pearl buttons.

Churchm gardland5

    The only change we made was to added pine and holly from our garden. I actually pinned each cone to the ribbon with a straight pin. I found it easiest to arrange the cones on the ribbon and you cannot see the pins. I am really happy how this garland turned out!!

Churchm gardland6

Churchm gardland4


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I really like your theme this year. Nifty garland.

Sharon D.


I LOVE your theme this year! It is so charming and cozy. Plaid always works :)
I hope that you are doing well and that your family is enjoying the Christmas season.



I know nothing about roofing paper, Clarice but all of a sudden I want some!!! Your garland is so festive and fabulous! I bet it smells good too:)

Thank you so much for sharing, Clarice...


It's really lovely, Clarice.


So pretty, Clarice! And plaid is so "in" this year! (Plaid is always "in" in my book! I am a hunters wife, after all!) ;~D

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