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    I have to say out of all the projects we did for this years theme,Churchmouse Yarn & Tea, this is my favorite. I guess because it came out just as I pictured in my head. I wanted to do a table-top village bit something with real plants and moss. Plus remember no glitter, fake trees or plastic building. This is what I did.

ChurchM village3

    I took a large, very heavy silver tray and lined it with heavy plastic.

ChurchM village4

    Then I dug up some dirt from my raised beds (I had to watch for earth worms. I did NOT want them on my village :-O)

ChurchM village5 insta

    I collected from my garden lots of moss and small plant starts. I found laurel, holly and wild violet. I mound the dirt up around the plants. Also more dirt in the back, so those buildings would be higher than the ones in the front. I covered everything in fresh moss (again watching for bugs and worms as I pulled off sheets of moss from my old stone walls).

ChurchM village6

ChurchM village7

    I borrowed my mothers charming little houses and all the sheep from our 2 nativity sets. Poor baby Jesus does not have any sheep this year. Evey day I give the whole thing a good spritzing down of water and a little extra water for the plants. It have been a week and I think it will last for the next week until Christmas.

ChurchM village8

ChurchM village1

PS, I went to water my village yesterday, as I do every day and noticed the violet is blooming. How cool is that!!


Churchmouse violet


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I love it! I'll take living things (or natural things) over plastic every time. I especially like that the violet is blooming.


Pretty, I like it. Merry Christmas friend to you and yours

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

This is so beautiful Clarice! I just love it!

Merry Christmas!


Very quaint Clarice and perfectly placed on the gorgeous tartan.


I have so enjoyed your Christmas decorations. Your village is charming. I was knitting today and realized that I am using a Churchmouse Yarn and Tea pattern. I would love to visit their shop, but alas if your would mark a place on e US map that was in the lower 48 and the farthest away, that would be me. Perhaps someday.


This is so cool, love it.

Teri Jo

So adorable! You are so creative!!!!

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