A Churchmouse Christmas
Encouraging Thoughts

Churchmouse Gingermen


    As we made a list of what we wanted make for our Churchmouse theme, we had to make felted gingermen (here is the ravelry page for the pattern). You knit a round, then felt it and creat a fabric of sorts that you use to make you gingermen/woman! These were fun to make. Cutting them out I would say was the hardest part.

Ginger tree1


    We also hung tea bags, which I have to say look really cool at night with the twinkle lights making them glow. We tore tartan plaid fabric into strips and ties them on for bows. Lastly we used left over cones (which I will share about next) as tree toppers. These trees turned out really sweet!



Ginger tree3

Churctre insta


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Brenda Nuland

Those are beautiful!


That would be Graham Oakley , the author of the Church mice picture books ! Merry Christmas to you all.


Timeless and classic and my absolute favourite of your Christmas themes. I am sure that you must have a Churchmouse book tucked in to a corner too somewhere. Now who were they by? Was it John Grahem? I'll pop over to amazon to check ;)


This is adorable! I love them! What a charming idea, Clarice!

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