Encouraging Thoughts
Encouraging Thoughts

Bloom, sweetness

  Bloom sweets

    Well this post will be short and sweet ;-) I have gone around and around on what is the healthiest sugar and honestly I cannot find a clear answer. Except,  you really should eat as little sugar as possible. Second if you are going to eat sugar, eat the purest form you can. At this point, I still eat coconut sugar and some stevia. If you want to know more about how coconut sugar is made (very similar to maple. I am told a flower will put out sap for 20 years, so it is quite sustainable) this video is interesting. I have tried honey and maple but they spike my blood sugar too much. But that is me (and not you).

    The real problem ... and we all know it, is the stuff is so additive. It sooths one nerves, give comfort and calls to us day and night. At least that is how I feel about sweets. So I am "trying" to work on having a healthy relationship with sugar. I had none for a couple of weeks. Now I am trying to be balanced and when I crave it, I look elsewhere. I look to something not food related to find that comfort. Lately fresh flowers, baths and working on my photography is my non-food comfort. So test your blood, try to eat as little sugar as you can, learn to love less sweet sweets and find sweetness in life that has nothing to do with food!!


PS. While agree with everything I just wrote, treat yourself now and then. They say try to do 80% of your diet but if you never have a treat (something you adore) you will go crazy and long term will fail. If this is a life long change, then you have to have a plan you can live with the rest of your life. Do not go too extreme!!


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Linda Colantino

Was doing great until my trip. Need to get back on track now as I like the 27 pounds gone! It is hard but I find it easier in the summer with so much fresh to choose from.
How are you?


It is a terrible challenge! Every thing, I do believe, has sugar in it if it is processed! The Airman says that he finds protein eases the craving. And, I find, for me, it does. Sort of. Right now I am all about making popsicles of mashed bananas, peanut butter, and a tiny bit of honey. Sooooo goooood... You are right, Clarice! It is an ongoing challenge, but an interesting one!

Tracy A.

My downfall is fat and sugar. Just as bad! Sadly, I never crave leafy greens!


Hello! My name is Raeann and I am addicted to sugar and chocolate! :~\ Even though I cut way back on sugar ( and anything white~ like flour, rice and potatoes~ oh, did I mention I'm addicted to potatoes, too?) And have lost 30 pounds, I have not lost my cravings for any of those things! I think this ( cravings) will be a life long battle for me. Others have said, Oh, you will loose your desire for sweet things after awhile, but I am convinced it is just like being an alcoholic, it's in your genes and you can't change your chemical make-up. So weird that hubby and I eat the same thing and we look like the number 10: he's the tall slender number one and I am the big fat zero! But like you say, Clarice, perhaps if I can train my body to indulge in a non food treat! That's what I can tell hubby I am buying all those pretty flowers for! ;~D


It's true that you can wean yourself off the sugar craving. I did it with my family 10 years ago and to this day they all prefer less sweet things. But it's easy to eat fall backwards on this, too. Sugar is addictive.
I like your idea of finding something else to please you, like flowers or photography, when you have the sugar craving.

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