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Before I get into what changes I made in my diet, I would like to point out what works for me, may not work for you. We are all different and need different things. Plus I am still learning and a year from now, I may have a very different take on all this. Basically I am letting my body tell me what to/not to eat and I encourage you to do the same.


    So after finding out I had problems with high blood sugar, what could I eat? Sugar was out, most carbohydrates were out. I read food falls into three categories; fat, protein or carbs. Fat and protein does not affect my blood sugar. So it was carbs I needed to look at. I started with vegetables. All vegetables are healthy but some have a heavy carb load. Granted the fiber content helps but the first 6 weeks I wanted to eat as low on the carb as I could. I made a list of veggies (with a little drawings of each veggie because I have to be creative about this). I made a list of each vegetable, working with a ½ cup amount. If the carbs were over 10 grams, I would list the vegetable (or fruit) as high carbs. Just a note; you do have to look at the fiber too. For example a ½ cup of raw cabbage is 1 gram carbs but it is 1 gram fiber. You subtract the fiber# from the carb #, so cabbage is 0 carbs. I eat a LOT of cabbage, luckily I love it. Now corn for example is 20.6 grams of carbs for ½ cup and 2.3 grams of fiber, so it comes to 18.3 carbs for ½ cup. When you are trying to only eat 3-5 carbs a meal that is high!

    As I stated in my last post, I do not plan to eat this low on the carb scale the rest of my life but I do not plan to eat high on the carb scale either. I am/will be slowly testing healthy carbs, checking my blood, looking for what and how much I can eat without spiking my numbers too much. It takes TIME.

    I never thought about how much the American meal is based around carbs. Right now I do not eat rice, potatoes, most gluten free flours, beans, lentils, even my favorite quinoa (which I really love and still think is a super food). It is hard to think of a dinner with no bread or rice or pasta. It takes a whole new way of thinking. I have come up with some dishes that help me feel like I am still getting those carbs, even though I am not (and will share more). But my diet now consist of 65% vegetables, 20% proteins, 10% healthy fats and 5% everything else. My plate has more veggies on it than anything else.


    About fruit! There are lower carb fruit but basically the sweeter something is, even naturally sweet, the more fructose it has. And therefore it will probably raise your number and cause you body too look to you blood system for its energy (instead of your fat and therefore you are less likely to lose weight and bring your numbers down). So the less fruit you eat, the better in the beginning. I have blackberries or strawberries 2-3 times a week (w/ homemade, raw milk yogurt). I make sure I do not eat more than 1/2 cup.

    Now you may not have a problem with your blood sugar spiking, so this does not apply to you. BUT I would make the argument that no matter how healthy you are, balance is always a good thing. Plus knowledge is power. Looking at what we eat, how much we eat and what is in those foods is always a good idea. The reason I was baking gluten-free was not because we were allergic to gluten, it was because we generally had too much gluten in our diets. I wanted my family to eat more balanced, so baking gluten-free was a simple way to replace some of the gluten in our diet with a healthy alternative. Now, I cannot eat those gluten-free items (I need to bake grain-free now) but for my family I still think gluten-free is a good for them because it will create a more balanced diet for them.

    Sorry this post it so long. My little list not only gives me a creative outlet for this lifestyle change but helped me see clearly what I cannot and cannot eat or at least how much I can eat. Sure I will have some watermelon this summer. Will I have the two thick slices like I use to have? No! More like a 1/2 a cup. I will eat it slowly, I will savor it and really that is a good thing, high blood sugar or not!! More to come!


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Dear Clarice,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us; you are well on your way to finding your way to healing, if you continue as you are!

Blessings and health,


Tracy A.

It seems that every new study tells us something different. How wise to look to your body to be your barometer.


What a creative way to keep track of the best foods for you to eat. I like your journal very much!

Hubby and I have been eating a lower carb diet for almost 2 years. It's been so very eye-opening to both of us to see that the foods we eat make us feel better, feel healthy, feel more energetic. We have added in a few more carbs recently and we occasionally have a pizza (homemade) or a potato dish or rice, but it is not our "everyday food" anymore. Simply put, we usually eat a good piece of meat with a beautiful mix of veggies at night for supper and we love it.

We started getting Bountiful Baskets a year ago and it has made eating more veggies and fruit an easy thing to do and it's fairly inexpensive. Bountiful Baskets has also challenged us by introducing new-to-us veggies or fruits that we never would have picked up at the grocery store because they were either too expensive or unavailable at our local store.

I'm happy to hear about your new plan for taking care of your body and your family's. I'm looking forward to some of your new ideas.


I've been eating lower carb for several years. As Mary Ann already said, cauliflower is a great foundation for bolognese sauce. I've never been fond of Spaghetti Squash but others like it.
When I do eat grains, it's brown rice, and quinoa. Once you get your body balanced, you may be able to add those back in. Also, eating fat with carbs moderates the blood sugar levels, I've read.


I have learned a lot from this, Clarice! I never understood how to calculate carbs and fiber. My sister tried to teach me from WW and it was not easy or made sense.... Now I know... and I ate too many shortbread cookies, but won't tomorrow! :)

Thank you for sharing and helping me to learn more about food!


I love this. You are doing a great job of explaining all of this and putting it into perspective.

Mary Ann

Every day a lesson, every day something new learned. Thank you for your detail in this post! I hope you will find your balance and things you like. Sauce, of any kind goes well on Spaghetti Squash. I roast the whole thing and then cut open and spoon out. I also like it with just butter and cheese. And I love roasted cauliflower, as my potato or starch sub. Olive oil and kosher salt and black pepper. One thing that has helped me is the FIBER content on things. The dietitian explained to me that one can deduct the grams of fiber from the total carbs for the real carb count, as FIBER cancels out carbs :) Best wishes to you and your journey. I really need to get back to keeping a food journal.

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