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Love your journal. All the best to you as you work through this challenging time!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

So pretty Clarice! Sorry about your health issues. I was faced with the same a few years ago and basically cut out a lot of stuff. We eat sprouted wheat bread now which we make ourselves and brown rice pasta. I've never found a gluten free bread I liked so the sprouted wheat was my next choice and it doesn't raise my glucose like regular wheat/grains and brown rice pasta is low on the glycemic index.


Hi Clarice. I love your idea of journaling through this time. I will be joining you. After 30 years of being a mom and caretaker, I now find myself at ends with all this time on my hands. And I stay busy. I quilt, sew,read. But this whole retired Mom is really hard! I love your journal and your blog.


Fabulous and a great idea!
I have that fabric.
Love you and very proud of you in more ways than one.
Jill 00


What a lovely idea! I think I will join you. I am standing at a precipice right now and have to make some serious decisions. What a wonderful way to vent and explore my thoughts on these choices... XXOO


HI Clarice!
What a wonderful way to record the journeys of life. Jouranling, they say, is good therapy. You have inspired me to revisit my scrapebook pile, lol...Thanks for sharing...

Nan York

Several years ago I attended a woman's retreat and our speaker talked of just what you are going through as we all do. They are 'Transitions' in a woman's life. When both girls are gone that is a big one and you will learn to deal with it and have fun with it really because you raised them to be independent and self supporting now you have time for other things you didn't have before. Your husband's retirement is another big transition for a woman and that one I'm way into now and doing well.


Oops, typo. It should read that I didn't know what He had planned for me.


What a wonderful attitude! I, too, am at a pivotal point in my life and I was saying to God the other day that I didn't know just what Hid plan was for me in this next phase but then I realized that besides the fact that I don't have to know every detail I am already living out His plan - one day at a time was the plan unfolds. Keep up the good work for we walk by faith, not by sight.


I love sketch books for journals. Love the concept and the way you are choosing to face new adventures in health and with grown daughters. Good luck with the adventure.

Jodie Emmons

Awesome that your creative side knows how to help you through life's challenges. You are so inspirational to others and with that comes their love and support as well.


I'm sorry to hear you've had some health issues, Clarice. I hope that you'll be able to resolve them effectively. Love your journal - why not make everything pretty?

You are in a new season of life. It's complicated sometimes, knowing what to do. I feel like I haven't really adjusted at times, and it's been at least 5 years. Other things have happened to complicate the matter, but I continue to move ahead. Life has so many possibilities but they need to be worked towards, if that makes any sense.

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