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Radiant Orchid

  Radient cab1001

    Did you know radiant orchid is the Pantone color of the year? I know because it is the theme color of the spring issue of Gatherings mag. So the last couple of months I have had radiant orchard on my mind. Which is fine with me but it is one of my favorite colors, a purple with a red cast to it.

Radient cab4

Radient cab3

    I wanted to work the color into my spring decor. I remembered a stack of scrapbook paper I had from a few years ago. I love scrapbook paper. It is pretty, really cheap and easy to use. I just taped sheets of paper to the back of my cabinet with double backed tape. I only taped the top of the paper, it worked!

Radient cab5

Radient cab7

Simple, easy to change out and a quick way to give the feel of the moment!

Radient cab6


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This is so fabulous Clarice! Lovely! And looks beautiful. I love the idea of this color into our homes. Its fun and slightly daring yet still romantic.


Looks like a wonderful color to bring a little springtime into your home. Well done!

Tracy A.

I just love how you seize a theme and run with it!


Beautifully done, but not too much. I find Radiant Orchid a bit strong for my taste, but you've done well.


You're getting me in the mood! I said ahh out loud when I saw the little box. She reminds me of you! Love, Hugs and Kisses♥


Very pretty!


Precious! I love this colour!


Spring has sprung and you always inspire me to get a move on with my decorating dear Clarice.

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