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Very nice! Your blog is a wonderful mini escape as well. A place to take a deep breath of what is lovely.

Love your egg book too!


First time on your blog
I totally agree, books take you to another world.. and I enjoy interior magazines for the sheer joy looking at homes and being there with them.
I had seen this magazine on a vlog and loved it.. hope I could find it in India but I dont think so.. would love to go through it.. Pls do the projects in the magazine and post about them.


Yes, a good magazine is definitely like an mini-vacation. Thanks for the recommendation. I will be looking for Daphne at my Barnes and Nobles.


I love discovering new magazines Clarice especially from different places. I just can't seem to find the time to really enjoy them these days though. That one sure does sound like it is worth looking into. Thank you so much for sharing your find with us Clarice...


Thank you so much fir Your kind words. Have a Nice day. Love Daphne.


Oh my goodness, it looks wonderful! I will have to get one! Did they have more copies at B & N?

Tracy A.

Sounds delightful! I have always loved magazines, but particularly years ago as a young mother. Shorter articles coincided with my shorter free-time. I still love them today though.


How beautiful!! Can't wait to have a look. Thanks for the recommendation! (I always trust your taste!)


I saw an earlier issue (in English) and thought it might be something I liked. But I didn't buy it. Glad to hear you like it, perhaps I'll look again. Buying magazines these days is a bit of a treat.

Brenda Nuland

I don't purchase magazines like I once did, just the occasional Victoria or Tea Time.

But I do save up for when one of my favorites has an issue I want to come home with me. For instance, I love quarterly magazines like Where Women Cook and while it is $14.99, it is well worth the money.

I consider it an inexpensive vacation, too. And they get perused over and over again.

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