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Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

What beautiful girls and lovely cottage in the woods. It is snowing like crazy here now.


It sure does look "purty" Clarice. We have so much more than a dusting. We have feet with more on the way! I did enjoy seeing all the snowmen and snow forts today though:)

Thank you so much for sharing your "Winter Wonderland."


Ohhhh, I am so glad you got some snow!!! Just wonderful...

And is that your own Storybook Cottage, which we see? Surrounded by trees. Delightful. No wonder you call your blog "Storybook Woods." No wonder!

Have you ever shown more pictures of home? Would there be a Label, to look for, to find them? I love, love, love seeing where bloggers live. :-))))

Gentle hugs,

Tracy A.



I think it looks like a wonderland but then I always think your Storybook Cottage looks magical.
Smiles, Dottie


Yes, sad that it didn't stick around longer.
Your house looks so pretty in the snow!



great photos


The snow was so pretty.
Nice photos of your part of the snowy world.

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